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How good would it be if after the regular news each night, the “Happy News” came on and it was just stories of positive, amusing and awesome shit.

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‘Free Paradise’ by Olivia Williams

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It will always put a smile on my face knowing that there is young crew around the coast making and creating stuff. It’s good for your mind and it’s good for your soul.

Olivia Williams is a young filmmaker and photographer, and I just straight up dig the kid. Super humble, courteous and very clever with a camera in hand. The way she captured this day with my kids and I at home is unreal, and the candid style of this little profile is something I’ve always done with my own projects. If Olivia keeps it up, and continues to make her subject feel as comfortable in front of the lens as she made us, she will be making a tonne of bright stories with her camera in years to come. Cheers Liv, my kids havent stopped watching it.

Past Projects.

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Seeing Beauty

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I hit a dark patch earlier this year. It was reconnecting with nature that lifted the dark clouds. This was the first handful of shots I took after 6 months without picking up a camera. I’m going to keep focusing on the little pieces of beauty I see and posting the vision up here, and if it makes one person feel good I’ll feel good, and that’s what life’s about. Anxiety is the realest force I’ve felt since falling in love. It’s indescribable to those that haven’t felt it. Reach out if you’re feeling wack, don’t let the clouds and the claws get you. Talk to your family, talk to your friends! All we need is love! If you’re going through hell, keep going!

Summer Time

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The world looked ugly this week so I thought I’d focus on the beauty in my own front yard.

If you look at the size of backyards in new housing estates, you’ll understand why Australia no longer has any good cricketers

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Hit the “Shop Now” bones at the top of the page. Use the discount code “DOGNATAS” when checking out and get 25% off your entire order and free shipping (Australia wide).

the Jackson King Project. Trailer

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First Coat Block Party. Caloundra.

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It’s been awhile since I got my hands on a project that got me psyched like this. It features a crew of ridiculously talented and humble artists and I’d be stoked if you could check it out.
In partnership with Analogue Digital Agency, Ironlak and Horizon art festival. Featured artists included Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Andrew Frazer Designs, Joel Birch, Thom Stuart, Fuzeillear & David Houghton


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Get Some

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first coat, 2016. trailer

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Dead Bees

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I’ve found dead bees on my drive way every day this week. It makes me think…
Considering that your mother grew you in her belly and we inhabit a massive big blue planet that floats around an endless black space with the stars and moons I think it’s time we all started opening our minds.
I feel that so much of what we currently accept as ‘life’ is so far from reality it’s concerning. Has all of this ‘stuff’ in our lives been created to distract us from what really matters? As humans, we collectively go out of our way to destroy our own environment, often we elect politicians and give them our money so they can destroy it for a profit! that is fucked up! and so often the people who are trying to warn us are labelled as ‘hippies’…
At the end of the day we are the consumer, so if we stop buying their shit they’ll have to stop making it. If we stop listening to their bullshit, they’ll eventually stop dribbling it.
All the best things in life are still free; Sunshine, the ocean, music, love, fresh air, laughter. Turn off your TV, let them have their greed and their fear mongering. Stop believing in the things that divide us. It doesn’t matter what colour you are or what country you come from, whether you like girls or boys or both, we are all part of this human race. It’s time to get back to basics. Love yourself, love your family, love your neighbours, love the land. Love is the key. We only have one earth and once she’s rotten we’re done.