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About is focused around the life and times of a core group of unique and interesting characters from the ‘youth market’ as its affectionately known . Professional Surfers and Skaters, Filmmakers, Photographers, Models, Musicians, Artists & Loiterers find themselves on both sides of our ever growing site, posting pieces of their own life or kicking back in transit lounges to catch up on the tales of fellow family members… I heard a lot of things growing up, but the one thing that stuck was ‘you cant choose your family’Times change, Runamuk Visuals is proof

With over 10 years spent slogging it out in the surf Industry a few of us have stepped aside to do things our own way… As our motto says ‘cast your own shadow’. We now spend our time creating entertainment for the people who dont care about information and figures of the industry, but moreso the riders and artists who wave the flags of these companies… With all the friends we have travelled, partied, surfed, skated and laughed with we are up to date on whats happening within the industry. is the first place so many now go to when they turn on their computers… Thats a big call, massive actually, but it’s straight from the mouths of our viewers… Here is what some of our good friends think of Runamuk Visuals.

‘Absolute legends. Want them to be a apart of my program one day’.  Jordy Smith.

‘Pushing the boundaries of Free Expression… Kickin new levels and movin on up…!’  Claudio Kirac Art director for Billabong & Von Zipper

‘LOOSE, lets see this thing fuckin’ blow up!!!!!’  Mitch Coleborn.

‘Life’s about fun and RV brings fun to your computer screen with no troubles. Always go to not !!!’  Andy from

‘Good, clean, fun… You cant beat the times with ya best mates, epic!!’  Stu Gibson world class photographer

Our viewers are the young, creative, fresh and real people of the boarding, art & music world. The kids that think with their own heads not the neighbours. The reason why our viewers are such is because we know them, we surf with them, work with them, party with them. We are young, talented, motivated, passionate and always moving forward… now offers a place for you to reach your audience. If your company or brand is relevant to RV we welcome you aboard.