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Cast Your Own Shadow: Lee Brennan


I’ve been dwelling on a project, and it feels like the time is right… CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW is a simple yet aesthetic based project that will tell the stories of creative crew. The ones that teachers said would amount to nothing… “You don’t think drawing pictures will become a career now do you Johnny?!”… It’s about the people who stepped aside from the pack, and as the title suggests; Cast their own shadow.
Lee Brennan will launch the project. Here is a glimpse at what Lee does, and who he is // check his work and collabs with @valleyeyewear // @leebrennandesign.

We are looking for sponsorship for this project. Email if it interests you or your business.


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Cast Your Own Shadow with Annalisse Reed

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One thing that will always put a smile on my face is seeing young crew getting creative, but lately it’s been the girls who have really been waving the flag of the creative young guard. I recently came across the artworks of Annalisse Reed and after seeing what she does with paint I wanted to hear what she does with her thoughts.

Meet Annalisse Reed.

RV: ‘Art’ is a pretty loose term… Some of the things I’ve seen labelled ‘art’ have really made me wonder? what’s your take on it?
AR: Yeah, people try and classify just about anything as art? It’s hard to say if it is art or if it’s not. I ‘spose it doesn’t really matter, sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s just shit ha.
RV: Some old bloke down the pub says… ‘What are you staring at lovey’… What do you say?
AR: Probably forget how to talk for a bit and then on the way home think of 10 of the best comebacks ever! Ahhhh, always happens.
RV: What was the first piece of art that grabbed your attention?
AR: Reg Mombassa, Mambo art. I love it.

RV: Is there a reason you became an artist and not a hairdresser or removalist?
AR: I love drawing and I hate working for a boss.
RV: Would you be offeneded if someone hung your art on the back of their dunny door?
AR: No way! That’s a prime position for some art!
RV: What’s the most positive criticism you have received about your art?… & negative?
AR: Positive: Reg Mombassa said he liked my artworks haha (in an email)
Negative: I guess it’s not really negative, just annoying when people ask you… “What’s it meant to be?”… Most of the time I don’t even know the answer to that. It has no scientific name, it’s an imaginary creature that came out of my mind? I like drawing weird shit that’s not real, it is just whatever you want?

RV: Do you listen to music or have the TV on when you paint or draw?
AR: I dont watch much telly. Music is always good though!
RV: Any memorable music film clips?
AR: That Tool film clip ‘Vicarious’ with Alex Greys art is mind blowing!

RV: Any phobias?
AR: Maggots and leaches, Yuk!!!
RV: Heads or tails?
AR: Tails.
RV: If you were given a million dollars to start your own company what would you make and what would you call it?
AR: 3 Fish Designs, haha and I would do art and then reproduce it onto clothes, hats, surfboards, skateboards, cars, walls, anything at all.
RV: If you think of something can you draw it?
AR: I try not to think to much about the end result. I like to just start and see how it evolves, it’s so much more fun… Plus I can’t do ”realistic” that’s what cameras are for right??
RV: Whats your thoughts on Runamuk Visuals
Runamuk Visuals is a perfect little company that does all the awesome things that I would love to do and get into and your art is sick, and I wanna buy a hat.

You can check out more of Annalisse’s work here

Creative Destruction 8: NYC

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More at Creative Destruction

Seedy Ape

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Benjamin Safari



I first got word of Benjamin Safari about 3 years ago… A friend who was living in Byron gave me a DVD and made me promise i’d watch it over the weekend… Not just ‘yeah i’ll check it out’… A fully pledged promise… I made the promise… and broke it…


The promise was semi mended a few weeks later when on a seedy Sunday I dusted off the thing and pressed play… It turned out to be the one of the most entertaining things that had ever hit my living room… Benjamin Safari’s first journey took him from the QLD/NSW border to the NSW/VIC border… All on foot… Loaded up with his essentials, Safari sets out on his way along the coastal tracks and beaches of the New South Wales shoreline, meanwhile self capturing the entire adventure on his handy-cam… Its one of the most refreshing doco/ films I have ever watched…

Being a filmmaker myself I took note of the extent Safari would go to for a shot, there was shots of himself from k’s away, walk by shots, all the ‘story teller’ shots were there… The guy is a fuckin genius


Thank fuck for Garbage bags… Safari loads up his belongings at every river mouth

What brings it from a novelty film to something special is the guy’s character… You might of gathered that I am intrigued by people in all their forms, Benjamin Safari is one of  ‘Humanitys’ true differences… The powers that be only made one mould of Benjamin Safari… and it has some depth.

He is a hard man to find, with only his email for the last few years, I found him on FacebookWho would of thought?… His first journey, the one I just spoke of is done and dusted… Safari, has set his sights on the big one… SYDNEY – PERTH… Like most crew who live left of the centre, Safari is short on the funds to complete his voyage as hoped… Nothing is gonna stop him, but a few things may slow it up… If you are in the position to contribute to something different or if you just want to follow the ‘Safari’ you can do so here

When I get a hold of him again, I will get him to Cast his shadow … Brace yourself


”im just a dude walking across australia with a weird head, way left of centre. I live in a dream where anything is possible, in fact its possible i’ll wake up at any moment and none of this was real. This walk from sydney to perth has turned from an escapism adventure into something much more, life has caught up with me, which is an adventure itself and one you cant hide from. Ive come across rivers, mountains, deserts, weather, heart break, fear and voices of people that arent there, many different kinds hardships all of which have tested me in some form or another but over come them i have. been twisted, tyrd, broken, then fixed, churned out on the other side a different person knowing more about myself than i thought possible and im not even close to being finished…” Benjamin Safari


In the first installment, Safari shoots a heap of different breaks along the coast, some possibly untouched… Instead of showing them amongst his story he edits them in randomly at the end of the film to keep them un-traceable… Commendable

Cast your own Shadow with DION AGIUS

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Mr Dion Agius…

Dion’s always been a few steps ahead of the pack… I first met him in the early 2000’s… Brades had been talking up this Tassie born, booger transformation for days… But with Brades still a 15 year old frother I chose to judge shit for myself… It was back in the time when air reverses were apart of surfing royalty. Since I had first started shooting the boys, they had collectively nailed only a small bag of spins…

Dion rocked up cruisn’ all smiles blazing, said gday, paddled out and began throwing fins, tail and reverses all about our li’l shorey… He out clipped all the RV kids and came in as happy as he had arrived… Brady’s froth had come through, but it was when we headed back to Monkdog’s that Dion’s creative flare shone through… We had checked the days footage when Brades said… ‘Dion, show us that vid you’ve been working on’… Dion came back with… ‘I hate showing my shit’… We heckled him out enough and he threw the VHS in the player… At this point I had been battlin’ on as a wannabe filmmaker for a year or 2, I had my VX2000 and some wack Pinnacle studio program and honestly thought I was making progress… That was until Dion fed that tape in the player… I cant remeber a great deal but the one thing I do remember was Joel’s part… The clips were bangin’ and the edits were neat and tidy… On Joels first wave his title ‘Joel Parkinson’ appeared as he was bottom turning, as he came off the top and into his carve the spray dissolved the title… The spray dissolved the title, What the fuck!… My ego had been removed in a few seconds… The kid had rocked up thrown punts and spins all about our virgin beachbreak and rubbed salt to the wound with some sweet graphics… I blamed my entry level program for my lack of effects… Truth was I didnt have a clue.


What Dion has done in the last few years has kept him ahead of the pack… We didnt even know what a blog was until we caught word of DionTV… Dion began the Surf Blog revolution, im sure there’s some prick grippin that claim but I dare say it was shit …


Its not just Dions surfing that’s progressive… His whole way of life is… What better character to have cast their Shadow…

Wade chased up Dion during his recent time at home.

RV: Dion you have been out of the water with a busted foot. What have your been doing with yourself?

DA: Yeahhh I snapped my lisfranc tendon last year and I was out for 6 months. I hyper extended it again about 4 months ago in bali again and was out for three months…. I’ve just been cruising at home and the states, trying to get some painting done, a bit of partying and trying to get my fat pasty little rig back into shape….


RV: I remember you killing it on the junior series one year, I think your won 2 contests or something. Do you ever see yourself going back down that path? What are your thoughts on competitive surfing?

DA: yeahhh I used to love competing when I was younger and doing the junior series was too much fun, as soon as I hit the WQS though I was just having too much fun partying and not focusing on the contests and of course I got smoked and I had one big run in with Dan Ross in the Maldives one year when I stopped him from getting a wave in the dying seconds of a heat, I really didnt want to do it but it was a heat so I thought fuck it everyone else does it and he’s probably going to beat me if I let him have it. so I hassled him, he didnt get it, I went in… He is like a friggen 7 foot giant compared to me… He came up to me screaming and I thought he was going to knock me the fuck out. Im sure he wouldn’t have, but after that I just thought fuck this, I cant stand this shit… So yeah, that was basically it…

RV: What music are you pumping at the moment?

DA: At the moment im really into some cruisey stuff, YACHT, james Yuill, memory tapes, the xx, just trying to give me ears a break after raping the hell out of them with electro dance mixes for the last 2 years…

RV: What song do you know every lyric to?

DA: Haha the only song I have ever known every word is ”Wonderwall” by Oasis… Its still one of my favourite songs of all time…

RV: Theres a DJ deck setup in your lounge room… Is that something you would like to get into? Have you played any sets or gigs anywhere? (please excuse my lack of DJ terminology im from Caloundra and I listen to metal)

DA: Hahaha… I have no idea of the correct terminoligy either, it was after Splendor last yeah watching Van She tech absolutley go mad during a set and I really wanted to learn how to do it so I figured id give it a shot. Adam Bennets is pretty much the man at it these days, so he gave me some tips and yeah, never really any gigs but maybe one day… I pretty much suck balls at the moment so I wouldnt want to get up there and get booed off stage or something…


RV: You also have that rad old organ that we found in the op shop for $10. how’s your organ career going?

DA: I actually learnt a few songs on that thing when I was at home bored… So far I got a little Cold Play, a bit of Matt and Kim and some Gary Jules.

RV: You have been doing Dion tv for a few years. Now all of a sudden it seems the whole surfing world is following suit and somewhat copying your idea. what are your thoughts on this? does it piss you off or are you cool with it?

DA: I think it was just a matter of time before everyone figured out that its just another way to get yourself out there and make you more valuable to your sponsors… Blogs have been around long before we started to do it but I think I just somehow stumbled across it a little bit earlier.. I think its cool, I love checking out what other people are up to and it makes me want to try and keep our site fresh and stop doing once a month posts…


RV: Your pretty big in the states. do you think the U.S crew seem more interested in alternative characters like yourself?

DA: Geez I dont know about that, I’ve been lucky to have some USA sponsors since I started and I think that helped alot, they always had me over there for contests and photo trips so I just kinda fell into the scene over there… They seem to have alot of the same NSSA bland kinda guys over there so yeah I think maybe being a little alternate to the masses does help stir up a little interest…


RV: You dont dress like a typical surfer, the surfing world can be pretty narrow minded do you ever cop any shit because of this?

DA: Haha all the time… more so behind my back, i’m sure there is alot of shit being talked on me behind my back. I don’t really give a fuck, its just clothing, and I couldn’t give a shit what anyone else is wearing. I think its just the typical surfdog that writes off tight jeans and whatever because they probably think i’m gay or something.

RV: From what ive seen the girls like your style… How have you been going with the ladies lately?

DA: hahahahaha fuck no!… I’lll tell you right now, being a 5’7 italian hairy midget does not score highly with the ladies… I’ve got nothing right now…


RV: Close your eyes right now… What do you see?

DA: Black. with a bit of white where I just accidentally looked at the light.

Your locked in a room with 5 minutes to live. You have a yoga mat and a rum can. how do you chose to spend your last moments…

DA: In the crouching dog hidden mosquito position and use the yoga matt as a rum-bong.

RV: Who inspires you in surfing?

DA: Taj, Ozzie, Jordy, Dane and yourself, with your crazy no holds barred, suicide attempt aerials.

RV: You’ve always been a creative surfer… Any new airs in the pipeline?

DA: Well its not new but i’ve been enjoying trying kerrupts, but I like when they are real tweaked out, I think it would be really possible to do one but land backwards, almost like a frontside kerrupt rodeo… That’d be sick.


RV: The whole modern collective has kinda taken the world by storm. You guys have formed a team consisting of the most exciting new surfers on earth and are doing trips together and making movies. Its not unlike what snowboarders have been doing for a long time with there films. Tell us a bit about the modern collective.

DA: Yeah im really excited about the whole project and I hope it lives up to the hype! Its kinda scary to see how much it has managed to infiltrate the surfing world, so I hope everyone isn’t let down… Its been really fun doing trips with all the guys, surfing with them all is so fun and definately pushes your surfing and makes you realise the level that its getting to these days. Dane did a rodeo today at straddie and he was over it, Kai was telling me it probably wouldnt even go in… That scared me alot.





RV: Who came up with the concept?

DA: Its Kai’s idea… It was kinda a natural progression from Stranger than Fiction. Kinda like the old ‘Under the Influence’ with everyone under 24. but he just kinda whittled it down to the 6 guys (how i made the cut is still beyond me) and then mixed it with a bit of a Sipping Jetsreams artistic influence and thats what popped out…

RV: Travelling with the triangled freaks of the Modern Collective must push your surfing? What’s it like travelling and surfing with guys like Dane and Jordy?

DA: Yeah its definitely made me realise you cant get by punching out air reverses anymore. I did a trip with Jordy to Lakeys and Bali earlier this year and that was fucked… It was amazing ’cause Jordy is a mad dog and we had a hell time but surfing with him was seriously depressing. He would nail about 5 clips per surf and i’d be pushing it for one. I cant believe how good that guy is, its like a whole ‘nother level.

RV: You have alot of rad art in your flat. what inspires you when attacking a canvas?

DA: Umm sometimes i’ll have a rough idea of what I want to do, but generally half way through it I dont like it and then ill rush out the last half… or just give up and start a new one. Theres a few half finished messes floating around!



RV: Do you have a favourite artist or artists?

DA: At the moment im really enjoying some new collage mixed media type pieces. This guy Lou Beach was a big influece for that little phase, and I have a book called GORE by Black dice that I picked up last year, that has a lot of random amazing collages. Those guys are pretty sweet…

RV: You were one of the first guys paying someone to follow you around and film every surf. How much has it helped your surfing?

DA: Yeah it has been a big help in the way that it makes it so much easier to get footage for movies and what not. But it’s really bad in the way that it can fuck your surfing. You’ll only catch certain waves that have a big section and usually race and try one big thing. It had really stopped me trying to surf a wave from start to finish… Something that im just starting to try and work on again instead of racing every single wave into a big flyaway.

RV: Now that so many people are starting up blogs and having personal filmers trail them around, do you ever look at it all and go… “Shit… I kinda started all this… I’m a 24 year old pioneer.”

DA: Hahahah not at all. Its just natural progression I think. Especially for someone who is a free surfer. The idea of not having a filmer is obsurd to me, I couldnt even imgine how I would be getting anything done if Beren wasnt there to help capture the one air I manage to pull a month.


RV: Are there any blogs or sites out there that your really digging? surfing or otherwise.

DA: Yeah I have a huge list of bookmarks that I check most days. Art, design , photography…, yimmysyayo and ‘but does it float’ are always pretty amazing.

RV:  Whats next for Dion? word on the street your moving to Sydney?

DA: Yeahh im off at the end of this month. Ive been on the gold coast close to 10 years now and its well and truly time for a change. I love the city of  Sydney and how much is always going on. Maybe my tight jeans might fit in a bit better amongst the large Sydney gay community as well…

RV: Finally a few words to describe Runamuk Visuals.

DA: Punkrocking mad hounds who dont give a shit and are sickos… Fuck yeah.

Cast your own shadow with LAURIE TOWNER

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Laurie is the perfect example of what ‘Cast your own shadow’ is all about…

He lives life his own way, never swayed by the hype or lure of the surf world, instead Laurie lives day to day on the outcome of the morning surf check… If theres waves he goes for a paddle, if not he might go for a fish or a burl in his rubber ducky… He is a surfer more than any other human I have ever met… Yet he is baffled by what surfing has become and what ‘surfers’ as a group now represent… He put it best with this comment today… ‘Some of em are gay, some are cool’… What I admire and somewhat envy about Laurie is, he doesn’t have the slightest knowledge about any thing surf related, he doesnt give a fuck about who won trestles or who’s getting the last section in Taylors film… All he needs is waves and a board that feels good and he’s happy… Well that, his girl, his mates, his family and his dog Buster and he is all smiles.

Laurie left the shire and headed north to the Sunny Coast in hope of bagging a few last minute clips for Still Filthy and to come loiter with us ratbags…



I could flap on for pages… But instead, we have shot our first ‘Cast your own Shadow’ episode and there is no need for any more banter… Enjoy.

CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW with Andree Anwar

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Story, Profile and Photos by RV’s resident surfer/ photo-journalist Kalen Schloss (Andy Banchong)

I’ve been here at Lakey Peak for about ten day’s… I’ve had a a cunt of a time over here, tweaked my back on the first day, the waves were cooking, I got three good pits, on the third, I pulled off and couldn’t lay down on my board, took me about an hour to get in and up the rocks…  I did a similar thing to my shoulder in Tahiti last year…

I downed some pain killers and headed back out with my camera to take a few photo’s of the boys. I Missed the best part of the day hobblin up the rocks, but still nailed a couple of neat shots.



Anyway, since then the waves have been pretty small and this grom has been running around terrorizing us, giving us nick names, cooking me about being small, hammering everyone and he’s only nine…“man so small man why u so small, compared to your friends so little”… Chasing his mates around with snakes, getting thrown into ses pits fully clothed for hecklin’ too much … The kid is non stop laughs… I’ve met some characters working with kids at home but he tops the list. He has a little wing man ”June” who speaks little english but he’s just as funny. Andree doesn’t go too school often cause his parents don’t have much money and the teachers don’t always show up. Despite his lack of school time, his English is better than most of the Indo uni students that rock up to Lakeys by the bus load attempting to talk with tourists. Andree has picked up english and all the slang to boot, along with a fair bit of Japanese that he cheekily uses on the Japanese bodyboarders for a few laugh’s.




Andree would be the envy of any grom or groupie worldwide… He has met them all, Parko, Fanning, Colebourn, Dion, Jordy, Owen, Machado, Occy and a bunch more. He has been slung a few boards, which are usually a mile too big so he sells them to go to school or for money to buy fishing equipment for his family. He lives in a tiny little shack on the water as close as possible too Lakey Peak. He has a pet goat and bird instead of an xbox and pushie.. Regardless the kid is constantly smiling. You see him fully clothed checking the surf on your way out, 5 seconds later, you bend down to put your leggy on, look up and Andree’s standing there waiting next to you… “hurry up banchong”… The kid is classic, one minute he is giving you the shits, 5 minutes passes and he’s got you pissing yourself laughing again…



But it hasnt been all fun and games for Andre… He almost lost his life in bali awhile back. A fin from a careless Kiwi kook took a massive chunk out of his head, the guy continued surfing and left Andree to paddle in on his own. The story was told reasonably vague but Lee Wilson backed it up… ”The kid was in some trouble with a horrible head injury and his parents didnt have enough coin to pay for the medical bill… Rip curl had recently sponsored the crazy grommet and they came in and saved the day, paying for the surgery. He has a big metal plate in his head which u can feel when running your hand over his head. The injury hasn’t slowed  him down… Sped him up if anything.’


Andree is Onne Anwar’s nephew, Onne grew up in similar circumstances and is now one of Indonesia’s best chances of qualifying for the WCT. Andre comes from a good bloodline of talented surfers and we think we could be seein a lot of this kid in the future, if not you will see and hear him every time you visit Lakeys.

I interviewed Andree here’s what he had to say

Andy banchong: What’s the best part about living at Lakey peak?

Andree: Many big wave, many small… Small wave good for June (his best friend) big wave good for Andree.

Andy Banchong: Whats your goats name.

Andree: Shanty two baby

Andy Banchong: Who is your favourite person u have met at Lakeys?

Andree: Mick  Fanning, talked with me and gave me a board but was very big, he say to me maybe if u don’t drink, go to school u pro like me, me say thanks to mick for surf with me.





Andy Banchong: Who is your least favourite pro

Andree: Me many like pro but not Taj Burrow, he has big head not say hello for me, banchong no good surf me not like, and not like Kelly slater not good surf cause he has no hair.

Andy Banchong: Was it fun when u got thrown in the yuky green pool water for calling doon doon… ”dong dong big banchong”

Andree: little bit, dong dong banchong very banchong

Andy Banchong: Favourite tourists?

Andree: Australia. Because they are nice and no blah blah”


Andy Banchong: Favouite pro surfer?

Andree: Joel, Mick, Mitch, Owen, Dion, Jordy, Machado

Andy Banchong: You like to sing in the surf whats your favourite song?

Andree: Songs from surf movie and indonesians songs from mum

Andy Banchong: Thanks banchong

Andree: No problem big Banchong

If you are heading to Lakey’s make sure to say hello, or else he will cook you too everyone he sees…

Cast your own shadow with Monique Mears

04/22/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW


We have been talking it up for sometime now… Models this, models that… The concept of showcasing Australia’s finest girls sounds great, making it happen is a few steps harder…

That was until we met Monique Mears…

Apart from her obvious beauty Monique is a professional… In a world full of beautiful girls ‘work ethic’ can be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest. Monique has her feet planted firmly on the ground and her happy go lucky nature makes for more than just another swimwear model…

But at the end of the day it’s her smile that will send most lads around the bend…

We introduce you to Miss Monique Mears.

RV: How have you been? How’s life been treating you?
MM: Yeah really well… Got a full time job which I love, A place to call home and great friends and family surrounding me. Couldnt be happier.

RV: Let us into the life of a model? it must be a tough road?

MM: It can be. Mine wasn’t very tough though. If you’re an international high end fashion model then yeah I think that’d probably be a hard road but I do swimwear which was pretty easy to get into. I’ve been doing it pretty full on since I turned 18 but i’ve sort of settled myself down now. As long as you make the most of every situation your put in and always be yourself with as much confidence as possible… It’s not tough at all.


RV: There’s more to it than just looks right?
MM: I’d hope so. The last comp I done was the national finals for Inside Sport on the Gold Coast last year and I won Miss Personality. I know i’ve come away from every comp or every photoshoot as someone to be remembered. I think that’s important and from that i’ve managed to get quite a few jobs/shoots because people have remembered me and passed my name on.

RV: What magazine would you love to be on the cover of?

MM: The Source. It’s a hip hop mag and i’d probably have to be a musician if I was going to be able to be on the cover of it.. But I love that mag!


RV: What’s your best and worst feature?
MM: Best feature would be my eyes… My worst?… My fingernails… Chronic Nail biter!! (dont look)

RV:  What do you think of ‘feminism’? Are you happy for a guy to open the car door for you?
MM: Yeah of course I am, but to be totally honest… I’m perfectly capable of opening the door by myself… Though open the door for my mum and i’ll love you!

RV: Leaving the toilet seat up? why is it such a big deal?
MM: Is it?? If I wanted to go to the toilet in the dark and the seat was up then i’d be a bit devo’d… I dunno… maybe the whole reason behind leaving the seat up hasn’t sunk in with me yet.

RV: What is the one thing that shits you about us guys in general?
MM: I dont think I have one. All guys are different so I can’t say… I hate it how guys have to be dominant… but then some aren’t dominant enough. I really have no idea!


RV: What are your sights set on in the modelling world? What do you want back from modelling?
MM: I want to get enough of a name for myself to start my own swimwear/lingerie brand or  design for a major company.

RV: If you were only able to listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life? what would it be?
MM: R’n’B… Its all I listen to anyway.

RV:  What’s one thing in this world that really ruffles your feathers?
MM: When I get on the train in the morning and the speaker says ”doors about to close”… You have to fully struggle to get in the carriage, no one moves to help let you in !!! Ahh.. FRUSTRATES ME SO BAD!!

RV:. The one thing that puts a smile on your face more than anything else?
MM: My Mum… without a doubt!

RV: As a model you are paid to look good, what do you do to keep fit?
MM: I just dance… That’s all.. The gym and I aren’t friends at all… Maybe ’cause I need someone to tell me what to do to get into it. But seriously… I’ve attempted going and then I just look at all the equipment and dont know where to start and then I psych myself out. I used to work out heaps at home but i just dont anymore… Thank God for my metabolism or else i’d be a HUGE HEFFA!

RV: Whenever you hear a girl asked what do they look for in a guy ‘a good sense of humour’
always comes up… why is it that some of the funniest guys I know cant find a girl to save themselves?
MM: When have you ever heard a girl say JUST THAT???… It’s usually followed by tall, dark and handsome!… There’s two ways to put it I guess. If a girl doesn’t say that then she’s shallow… But if she does say that then people just think they’re saying it cause they have to… It’s a lose, lose situation for us. But its the same for guys… If I asked you that question would ‘a good sense of humour’ come up?

RV: Ken Oath!… Magda, me, milkshakes, under the stars… wondering what if



RV: What do you look for then?
MM: A good sense of humour haha… Taller than me when i’m wearing heels. someone cuddly… I like to be able to fit my whole arms around someone. Cheeky smile. Adventurous. Patient… Who is good at what he does.

RV: Whats the best and worst tune line you’ve heard?
MM: This is the last thing that happened to me… I was at the eastern in Bondi on Wednesday and a guy came up to me and just straight out asked for my number… No intro or anything, so I said ”no”… Of course… But then I said.. “Your biggest mistake was that you didnt ask my name”. So he asked me my name and I just replied “It doesnt matter now does it?” and turned around. I don’t really get approached or find that people are on the tune with me… I dont really put myself in the position for things like that to happen.

RV: A muscle bound, fake tanned, crab stick offers to buy you a drink…whats your response?
MM: No thankyou.

RV: You get invited to the RUNAMUK VISUALS cricket test match… Are you sunbaking with the girls, smackin 6’s with
boys or spewing up from too many shandy’s?
MM: Smackin 6’s with the boys… I dont know how to play but im up for giving anything a try… I do like sunbaking with the girls too I wont deny that…




RV: Whats your thoughts on the amount of girls pashing girls you see on a night out? is it an epidemic or is it just ‘cool’
MM: I dont see that stuff happening… I’m too busy minding my own business on the dance floor but I do see pictures of that stuff… I dont think I have any friends that do that stuff… It’s what you go through in highschool. I think its childish and stupid and chics that do it crave attention way too hard. Unless your actually GENUINELY bi or lesbian… Then thats alright…

RV: What do you think is the best look for young blokes like us? RV thinks current trends are destroying our livelyhood
MM: I work for a mens clothing store and i’d agree… I’d never date a guy that wore Tight as jeans. I like just a straight cut jean with a shirt and some nice shoes. I hate RABEN shoes!! I love hoodies…



RV: A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?
MM: Unique, a Class of its Own.

RV: ohhh, you dont mean that.

thanks Monique…



Cast your own shadow with SAM SMITH

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Mr Sam Smith…

Humility is something long lost in today’s world…

To get somewhere in life doing what you love and what you’re good at is commendable… So few ever take the risk or get the oppurtunity…

You can take the path of the ‘self marketer’ or you can just work hard at what you love and see where it takes you…

Sam takes the second option… Here is Sam’s shadow.

RV: How have you been?

SS: I’ve been good


RV: Do you think there could be another colour out there we haven’t seen? or is that just crazy talk?

SS: I think this is crazy talk.

RV: What would be the first thing you would do if:

a) You were elected PM of Australia



b) You ran over your neighbours cat



c) You found $10,000 under the seat of your car

SS: Buy a Kingswood and then, hit the mall


d) You woke up with ‘COWABUNGA’ tattooed on your back.

SS: Maybe start working on a Ninja Turtle design to go below it. A sewer scene, Splinter in the middle in karate stance and all the turtles around him handling their weapons.


e) You realized you had been in a coma for the past 10 years

SS: I dont know? That would be crazy though.


g) Some old bloke down the pub said ‘what are you staring at champ’


Simmer down, you lickin’ too hot, so

Simmer down, soon you’ll get dropped, so

Simmer down, can you hear what I say

Simmer down, that why won’t you, why won’t you, why won’t you simmer down

Simmer down.

Long time people dem used to say

What sweet nanny goat a go run him belly, so

Simmer down, oh control your temper

Simmer down, for the battle will be hotter

Simmer down, can you hear what I say

Simmer down, oh that i’m leaving you today

Simmer down.


RV: What was the first piece of art that grabbed your attention?

SS: There was fine art stuff I liked from art classes at school but I think the first stuff that really grabbed was the obey stuff.

RV: Is there a reason you became an artist and not a renderer or removalist?

SS: Mainly fame but also money and respect.


RV: Would you be offeneded if someone hung your art on the back of their dunny door?

SS: No, you get a captive audience a few times every day.


RV: Whats the most positive criticism you have received about your art?… & negative?

SS: ”Isn’t it about time you stopped doing that”

RV: Do you listen to music or have the TV on when you paint or draw?

SS: Just music, TV is distracting and demotivating.


RV: Any memorable music film clips?

SS: I cant remember many, but I like this one.

Weezer ‘Island in the sun’

RV: Any phobias?

SS: Big chickens.


RV: What would you have written on your gravestone?



RV: Heads or tails?

SS: Fish tails.


RV: If you were given a million dollars to start your own company what would you make and what would you call it?

SS: Maybe a beer company. Thats where all the money seems to be. XXXX is a sweet name but its already taken.

RV: If you were a serial killer what would be your trademark?

SS: Everyting I thought of made me sound like an actual serial killer.

RV: Do you still own a VHS player?

SS: Yeah, its only for watching 5’5” x 19” 1/4

RV: If you think of something can you draw it?

SS: Defiantely not.

RV: Whats your take on how a camera takes a still frame of a precise moment of time?

SS: Its really fun. I like how so many really stupid photo’s get taken now with digital being so popular.


Cheers Mr Smith.

To keep an eye out for Sam’s work go to survival of the shittest

Cast Your Own Shadow with CLAUDIO KIRAC

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Mr Claudio Kirac

I take in the world around me, I find myself locked in stare with many strange things in this world… traffic lights, Hobos, the ocean, bus stops, phone booths, kickers… I find inspiration from the world passing by… But if you were to spend a week in Claudio’s world you could walk away inspired, educated and strangely amused… To me Claudio is an ‘Artist’ in every sense of the word… He can sit down and draw a cartoon of you, paint you, sketch you, digitize you, write a song about you, snap you, film you… You get the picture. On top of his list of talents he is the sort of bloke who is just good to be around… Runamuk Visuals got inside the CK shadow for the best C.Y.O.S yet. This is Claudio Kirac.

RV: How are ya Claudio?

CK: I’m doing well… Finished a little holiday break and now back in to the full swing of things… Work, projects and proposals popping up everywhere, so it never really stops.

RV: At this very moment whats floatin’ your boat? Anyhting you’ve been impresesed or inspired by lately?

CK: I’m always inspired, down days sometimes but mostly up… You gotta keep fresh and making new things happen, never run out of ideas... Just make sure you make at least some of them happen. This summer though I’ve been really inspired by the ocean again… love it… and J… and music… cra z ee…

RV: Through our eyes you are an artist in all forms of the word, hand drawn, digi, music, photography, acting, film then you mix ’em altogether… How did it all come about? when, where, when etc?

CK: I’ve been drawing from a very early age… Since I can remember… Then I just refined those things growing up and going through school and meeting new people who create, picking up other skills and never being too afraid to try my hand at something.

It usually comes out how I envisioned it…

Junior CK

RV: ‘Art’ is a pretty loose term… Some of the things ive seen labelled ‘art’ have really made me wonder? whats your take on it?

CK: It’s one persons perception versus another really… You either dig it or you don’t… If someone is willing to pay for a piece then so be it.

RV: Ive had a heap of mates go through art schools, very few have ever stuck to it… A lot told me that having talent wont get you a diploma , but if you can describe why and what your piece means you will pass with flying colours… Did you do art school? whats your thoughts on it all?

CK: People will always look for a method to the madness… personally I think If it looks aesthetically pleasing then I don’t really think it needs a meaning… For my art school I learnt alot from High School, Pop Culture, Life, Love and a little Diploma in computer graphics, throw it all together and you got yourself an education in the arts… Although a Bachelor of Arts would be good though, never too late I suppose…

RV: The current state and direction of the surf industry is?

CK: Wet

RV: Do you think the surf world poaches ideas from the skate world? or do you think it goes hand in hand?

CK: A little bit of both I suppose… a good design is a good design in the end.

RV: Before you set out and made ‘yo days’ what was going through your head to come up with this piece of entertainment?

CK: Just a little respect for the old school, my birthday day and just being able to do whatever the F*ck you want…

RV: how did ‘the real world’ come to life?

CK: A friend of mine Nicholas Platzer was finishing a degree in film and asked me If I would play a role(s) in his assesment piece… I was like yeah cool let’s do it… Hungover, no script, characters on the spot, a few costume changes, a few camera angles a little bit of schizophrenia and voila… Nicholas left my place with all the footage, went and locked himself away in the edit suite and came out with that piece… I was stoked, he did a really good job!

RV: You are the principle photog & art director for a few major labels…. What sort of ‘tact’ is needed when working with high profile athletes/ models/ musicians etc. How do you get ‘the’ shot so to speak.

CK: Just build respect and rapport, make them comfortable in any kind of situation, whether it be straight up kinda shots or if your painting them head to toe in house paint… You just gotta be patient and respectful and you will always get the shot your looking for.

RV: Do you ever have a hard time shutting off your brain at night?

CK: I used to bring my work home with me a lot both physically and mentally… These days I’ve learnt to juggle the struggle a bit better and not stress so much… Don’t do too much computer just before bed… Chill out for a bit and try and get some exercise when you can…

RV: Have you ever had your idea/ concept knocked back… Then seen a similar concept go massive sometime later by someone else?

CK: No not really, the timing just has to be right… I can’t help If I’m living in another solar system at a certain time… The light years catch up in the end anyways. I get a lot of rip offs though, some you can brush off but some are just too close to home… Oh well, flattery… (?)

RV: If you were to make a mix tape for your girl what would it consist of?


Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack

Walk with Me – Terranova

Fuckin’ Em All – Mickey Avalon

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

One Fine Day – Jakatta

All I Need – Air

Headphones – Bjork

Sunday Morning – No Doubt

Needy Girl – Chromeo

Black History Month (RMX) – DFA 1979

Road To Somewhere – Goldfrapp

Pink Cigarette – Mr Bungle

Thirty-Three – Smashing Pumpkins

Suffocated Love – Tricky

Barbados – The Models

RV: That is a better compilation than the Winners ’88

Any TV shows you cant go without?

CK: Not much TV… I do enjoy audio visual media though, just not much Tele…

RV: Who are your favourite artists?

CK: Too many to name, but definite inspirations over my 33 years:

H.R. Giger, Salvador Dali, Warhol, Mike Patton, Trent Reznor, Australian Photographers and Designers, the RV boys … too many like I said…

RV: If you had to lose one limb which would it be?

CK: My left toe.

RV: If you were to be thrown into witness protection, where would you live and what would be your new name?

CK: Julio Manjana and I would live in Barbados with my beautiful wife…

RV: craziest dream you have ever had?

CK: Cannot recall… Probably a dream I shared with Jaimee at the same time and we both had the same sort of dream in the same place… Woke up and was like woah…! The dreams just on the edge of sleep, when you are going to sleep, those are the craziest ones…

RV: A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?

CK: Pushing the boundaries of Free Expression… Kickin new levels and movin on up…!

Cheers CK… We Dig!

A shadow like no other… If you’re not scribblin’ pictures or shooting a film clip for the band you dont have, turn off the idiot box and create something… If not now, if not never…


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Life Without Andy…

Strange name… But normal sucks balls… So strange is cool with us…

But we aren’t the only ones who think LWA is cool… There is kids talkin’ about ‘Life without Andy’ everywhere ya go… In the water… On the bus… At the bakery… Their mums are talkin about it… So are their dads…

But what is it? who is Andy? where did he go? what’s life like without him?… We got in contact with the masked masterminds to find out they’re just a couple of kids havin’ a good time…

RV: You have been without andy for sometime now… Is life getting any easier?

LWA: Hmmm, it’s getting more fun but I dunno about easier, we seem to be shooting at a whole lot more events… Like every festival, every band we like, plenty of parties… And we just started shooting girls too. Fun times.

RV: Who’s behind

LWA: It’s 2 good buddy’s fighting for fun, woo!

RV: ‘’ is the first place many go when they turn on their computer… How is the site dealing with its new found status?

LWA: I don’t know about ‘new found status’ but it is cool to see people enjoying what we do, we enjoy creating the site and love that it’s just two best mates moulding it the way we want. There are no parents at home telling us what to do, ha.

They dont miss a beat or a moment. Groove at the STAB/ VZ Pool party late last year.

RV: Who’s half naked body graced your cover a few weeks back?

LWA: That would have been one of our girlfriends, there have been a few revealing girls on the cover of our website and a couple of times it has been our ladies. They are both cute and its cool that they are happy to help.

RV: We’ve heard that industry folk are now contacting you to cover their shows?

LWA: Yeah we have a few companies that want us at their do’s which is rad… Then there are parties and gigs that we still have to jump fences… we’re not always wanted

RV:Does andy have a last name?

LWA: It’s a secret.

RV: We had our money on ‘Bueller’

Will life without andy evolve from the web?

LWA: Possibly. We are always thinking of new things that we could develop from the site, our main obsession is music so we are always thinking of things that involve beats… Maybe we could get some of our favorite bands to headline a LWA festival? Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Lil Weezy, Jay Z, Late of the Pier and also bring some back from the grave like The Velvet Underground?

RV: Andy’s fav…

Artist– Andy Warhol / Musician- Lou Reed or David Bowie / Lyric- ‘Yesterday, Daisy Mae and Biff were grooving on the street’ / Skater- Steven Black/ Politician– Peter Garret / Basketballer- Andrew Gaze / Surfer- buttons / Model- kate moss/ Party- Studio 54/ Food- fruit/ Beverage- water/ Country– oz/ Toothpaste- teeth whitening/ Comedian– Steady Eddie.

RV: Andy wakes up in a Sri Lankan bathtub full of bloody ice with stitches across his guts, beside the tub is a mobile phone and a note that reads ‘call this number’… would he ring the number or you or….?

LWA: Andy is Dead

RV: Bad question, good answer…

What’s Andy think of the tourlife boys?

LWA: Loves em, loves Cheades and the Spen doctor, lovely young men who seem to be enjoying themselves, Go Tourlife!

RV: Why should we all believe that Andy ever existed?

LWA: You shouldn’t, he’s dead, he died in 87’

RV: If andy was still here what do you think he would say about Runamuk Visuals?

LWA: He’s looking down loving what RV is creating, life’s about fun and RV brings fun to your computer screen with no troubles. Always go to not !!!

RV: Thought he may of been looking up… Whats next for LWA?

LWA: Were going to every festival, every good party in Oz, then off to Coachella in a few months time for more fun!

Some mothers do have ’em… Good luck… We doubt you need it.

The photos above are just a handful of what sits on the pages of LWA… I had to get out of there… Its all too much for the mild life of RV…

Find the fun and LWA will see you there… or check the link in the ‘like minded fools’ sector


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I haven’t known Stu all that long… In this short time I have come to realize he is much more than that humble bloke from Tassie who won the Big Break award… To put it simply, Stuart Gibson is one of the best water photog’s in the world right now.

Photography is a strange concept… Aim, focus, click and you have captured that precise moment in time, anyone can do it, but to take a great photo you need to have an eye for it, it’s a god given talent… You can build your skills… But you cant build talent… Below is the world through Stuart Gibson’s eye.

RV: How have you been Stu?

SG: Hey mate, yeah been really good… Just got home from Hawaii last week, super fun trip but so busy over there.

RV: You just had your exhibition, how did it go?

SG: Yeah i’ve been picking some of my favourite pieces over the last 3 years, I finally pulled my finger out when a slot opened up at the Red Wall gallery at the Republic Bar in Hobart. I have 15 pieces showing, its a water theme, only one surf image in it… The rest are empty water images, put on a heap of beers for the opening, the place was packed out so I was pretty pumped on that.

RV: Was there a shot that made you think… ‘I could make a living out of this’

SG: Hmmm… I dont think i’ve got it yet… Haha, i’m strugglin’ to live off photography, but its been a bloody  fun time so far… Some of my favourite images, the ones where i’ve gone wow! thats sick!… haven’t even got a run!!

RV: Give us a rundown of your kit

SG: I use all Canon gear. Spent over $50’000 on cameras, 500mm lens, 17 to 40mm, 200mm, extenders, tripod, 2x Canon 1d Mark 11n’s, 1x 40 d, Aquatech housing, SPL housing, etc, etc.

RV: Do you get a hard time through airports with all your gear?

SG: Yeah, excess is almost gauranteed, its all so heavy, but you try and pack as much as you can in your carry on.

RV: Would it be fair to say that surf photographers are a different breed?

SG: Hahaha… Yeah very!! The more I meet the weirder they get, i’ve been told i’m one of the more ‘normal’ surf photogs… Haha, but i’ve also been told the weirdness grows with age in the industry… Scary.

RV: Gnarliest hold down?

SG: I haven’t had any super scary ones yet, if anything it would be big Pipe one arvo, so much water moving, me and a few other shooters had fisheyes on… It started bombing out on second reef,  we copped one really solid set, it just pushes you so deep, and theres always like 5 waves in the set.

RV: Your favourite 5 photogs of alltime?

SG: Trent Mitchell, Scott Aichner, Ted Grambeu, Sean Davey and Peter Donbrovski

RV: Best surfers to work with?

SG: Tassie surfers by far… They froth to shoot without gettin’ paid for it.

RV: Best places to shoot?

SG: Fiji, Tassie and Micronesia.

RV: Whats your longest stint in the water?

SG: Probably shippies… Around 6 hrs, by the end, your just a dead weight, your whole body is a cramp.

RV: Coped any flack from local crew for shooting their breaks?

SG: Few words from some paranoid crew… But Tassie wont get crowded its too cold and fickle.

RV: What’s the sweetest gig you have ever picked up?

SG: Living on Namotu island in Fiji, shooting, surfing and eating the best food of my life!

RV: Being one of the new guys in the surf photography world, did you cop any shit from the old boys when you started out?

SG: Not really, I guess comin’ from Tassie where hardly anyone else shoots I eased my way in, rather than having to jump straight in the deep end with all the big names… I think it worked well.

RV: Out of all the photogs you know, who’s the best value to hang out with?

SG: They all have there individual qualities… Alot of photogs dont seem to hang out that much… When it boils down, they’re all competition… I just cruise, i’ll hang with anyone. My mate from home Chizza, we always shoot together, i’ve spent alot of  time with Shane Peel, he talks more in a hour than I do in a day…  he’s hilarious!!

RV: A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?

SG: Good, clean, fun… You cant beat the times with ya best mates, epic!!

Cheers Stu… To see more of Stu’s work or interested in hanging one of his shots on your wall go to

CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW with Mitch Coleborn

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Mitch Coleborn has been a big part of Runamuk Visuals… I will re-word that, Mitch Coleborn IS a big part of Runamuk Visuals…

The first time I shot Mitch was at Wurtulla in 2002… From then on when RV was shooting, Mitch was one of the first to know… A humble bloke on land, A machine in the water, A menace on the piss… Of all the crew I have shot over the years Mitch is a man of consistency… A week of good waves and he’d have his section nailed… A section with everything…

It took me 5 years and 5 vids to finally spell his name right… Mitch Colbourn, Mitch Coleborne, Mitch Colborn, Miss Bowlcorn… Good spelling or bad spelin the bloke is entertainment… RV got in contact with Mitch in his first few days on the North Shore…

RV: Mr Coleborn… How are ya mate?… Longtime between benders?

MC: Yeah pretty good, just cruising on the rock for a couple of weeks.

RV: You were a big part of Runamuk Visuals before it went into hibernation… Any sweet Memories?

MC: Yeah, so many old funny ones with Brady, Balo, Sedz, Melon, Pubby and shit… Few taggies with everyone…hahaha… That seems like so long ago, that’s when me and K-Dog were the full groms.

RV: I remember picking you lil’ fuckers up after a few tag-nights, the stories were outtahand…

Growing up on the Sunnycoast who did ya knock around with?

MC: Growing up I used to hang with everyone all over the coast, that was until everyone turned gay and wouldn’t leave their postcode… I have always hung with Sedz though.

RV: Out of all the boys who pushed you the most?

MC: Sedz, Brady and Wade.

RV: There is 2 crew from RV that may be the funniest cunts alive. Dean Connelly and K-Dog… You gotta have a story for us?

MC: I was there the night K-Dog got his first pump when we were about 14… He pulled her at the Alex skate park and then took her over to Orgy Island and she just hopped on, it was alltime… Me and the other boys just watched, it looked like hell fun… Also, this one chick from the Goldy made him put his dick in his shoe.

RV: Ha haha… I knew that question was worthwhile…

You have come a long way since working on your next RV section… Taylor Steele and Kaiza have given you a part in their latest flick ‘Stranger than Fiction’… Must of felt pretty neat?… Happy with ya section?

MC: Yeah I was pretty stoked, I was only in Bali for about a week this year before I busted my ankle… If I had a bit more time I might of got a couple more bangers in there… Kaiza is a mad hui.

RV: Whats your goals for the next 5 years?

MC: Kinda just doing what im doin now… Try and improve my surfing and I’ll be doing a few more ‘QS’s tryin to get a spot on the ‘CT… and filmin’ a bunch!

RV: Best surfer in the world, Funniest surfer in the world, Smartest surfer in the world?

MC: Dane Reynolds, all of the above… The cunt has never done a bad turn or a bad interview.

RV: You spend your Hawaii season at the Volcom house and have done for a few years… Pipe gettin’ any easier?

MC: Not really any easier, it’s still hell hard to get a good one, you need to be lucky… It’s pretty different this year though, doesn’t seem to be as many people around… It’s good.

RV: Are you chasin’ down a spot on the ‘CT? What’s your thoughts on the tour?

MC: The tour is sick, I want to get on there so badly!… Just have to pull my finger out and try it for a year… I’m still trying to do too many things at once… Freesurfing is sick too, but the guys on tour are the best surfers in the world and if you’re not on there mixing it up with those guys, How can you be the best?

RV: What’s the most fucked up dream you have ever had?

MC: I always have heavy ones during plane flights… Like, where you just keep falling or something… Then I wake up with a big jolt and everyone looks at me… Pretty funny.

RV: Dumbest thing you have ever done?

MC: Two years ago in England… I was with Dion Agius, we got kicked out of this club so we thought we would just sneak around the back, the club was on the 2nd story though, so we had to climb up about 8 or 10 feet… Realizing once we were up there that we couldn’t get in we just started running along the rooftops of this back alley… When I thought it would be a good idea to jump this gap ( ’bout 2m wide ). I just got to the other side but I was off balance, I started falling backwards, upsidedown through barb-wire security fencing straight on my head… I was unconcious for awhile… The first thing I remember was the look on Dion’s face, like he had just seen someone die… I swear… Now I think about it, I’m lucky im not in a wheelchair.

RV: That’s heavy… all that for a beer

One word answers for the following?

MC: Sedz/ worried,  Woody/Eyeballs,  Brades/ Love,  Lee/ Bali,  Campbell/ Hairy like animal,  Maroochydore/ sluts,  Goldcoast/ crowded,  Lefts/ all i see,  Rights/ tricks,  Hawaii/ learning,  Bodyboarders/ why?,  Front Covers/ must,  Travelling/ taken for granted,  Plane food/ sucks,  Emo/ terrible,  Electro/ pingas,  Metal/ ok,  Tattoo’s/ Fuck yeah,  Rig/ Future wife,  Deadbone/ Chris Friend.

RV: Bare crafts or inked?

MC: Inked for sure

RV: Whats your thoughts on Movember?

MC: I like that its for a good cause, but I cant grow a mo so im pretty over it

RV: What’s the most weet bix you have ever eaten?

MC: 17

RV: Last time you got caught out?

MC: Never, I always tell the truth.

RV: A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?

MC: LOOSE, lets see this thing fuckin’ blow up!!!!!

RV: I’m hearin ya… Time will tell… Cheers Mitch.

Ship shimmy

Finna’s for breakfast

Another one of the RV boys with penskills

and paintskills

Thanks to Andrew Shields and the staff photogs from Volcom… Spot on.

The video below is a collection of Mitch clips from the early days of Runamuk Visuals… I was on the doley at the time, didnt have the coin for decent camera… So the vision is pretty crumbly… Nevertheless there is some good surfing in there from Mitch’s grom days… Enjoy!