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Stay Cool.


When are you at your coolest in life? When are you most reckless, most careless? When does nothing matter but right now, not tomorrow, not yesterday, just now?

I remember when I didn’t have a care in the world, I just wanted to make cool shit, chase waves and find myself a nice girl who could put up with me… That was 10 years ago, I married that girl, I scored some good waves and I like to think that I have made some cool shit. But these words aren’t about 10 years ago, why talk about that when I’m talking about the people of now, the kids that don’t have a worry… Or should I say ‘young ladies’, young ladies like Cheyenne Birch.

CheyenneCheyenne Birch

I think it was a simple ‘Cheyenne Birch liked your video’ on Vimeo that got my attention. A few clicks and scrolls laterĀ  I was watching one of her videos, a very raw, and quite basic little edit… Raw and Basic are 2 elements I dig in video. They remind me of what I love about video, just capturing good times with my mates as a kid, which is what Runamuk Visuals was built on. The video I watched was just a girl running around being cute and silly, there was no real purpose, it felt like they were making it up and practically learning as they went, but you could tell they were having fun, and there aint nothing better than having fun.

Runamuk7web runamuk6web Runamuk5web Runamuk4 Runamuk3web Runamuk2webPhotos by David Marino

A few months on Cheyenne found a day and a few friends to run around and make this video with some of our threads chucked in. Keep an eye out for this girl, (and their whole crew) with both modelling and filmmaking in her sights, she has both sides of the lens locked in. Cheers to David, Abbie, Jak & Jacqui for getting involved. I appreciate the time you guys put in.

finding time

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I recently found a bit of time to work on some concepts for our brand. While the idea of going to print is way off, it’s still cool to mock up some ideas, and while a lot of my world is digital it was fun to print and scan and rip and tear a few ideas out.

RVScanproject_Savweb RVScraps_DarcyBIK RVScraps_Ez2 RVScraps_SebMichaela


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edit bay scribbles

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Whoever put the “s” in lisp was a cruel prick.

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‘Metal? Metal’s my fuckin’ life man’

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For the first time since I picked up a camera I have begun working on a showreel, while I haven’t gone all the way back to those early days, I’ve found myself deep in some lost memories. I just found the full length interview of the time Dave, Pat and I sat down and chatted with Kirk and Rob from Metallica, which for a ‘metal kid’ of the 90’s it was all kinds of fucked up. Here is a short piece.


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kitchen bench scribbles

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image2 image1

Black Headstone Snapbacks

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10 of 100 Black Headstone Snapbacks remain at the RV Store.

Where You From?

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the WYF crew thickens. Get onboard here

Inside. the Australian Pro Junior series 2007

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A look back at Australian Junior surfing in 2007. I directed and produced this during my time at Billabong and it was some of the best times of my life, with some of the best humans I know. A concept in Australian surfing that is missing in 2015.


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Created by Runamuk Visuals

Produced & Directed by Jake Donlen
Edit & Titles by Jake Donlen
Model: Savhanna Fowler
Looks by Abby Rose Bikini & Runamuk Visuals.
Location: Noosa Heads, QLD, Australia.
Shot on Red Scarlet. 3K @ 48FPS.

Enquiries // e:

BLACK SWAN. Drops tonight.

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BLACK SWAN ft Savhanna drops tonight // Looks by Abby Rose Bikinis & Runamuk Visuals // Is your brand or label looking to create film concepts? contact me e: //

Shot on RED Scarlet.
Location: Noosa Heads.

Fumes & Frames


The past few days have been void of ‘regularity’, void of that stale process of clocking in and clocking out. Whilst spending most of my life doing what I love, there are times when the rules change, the lines move, the grey area widens. I love to shoot, to edit, to paint, but I am often employed to use these skills for projects that take the ‘love’ away. But, I sit here on the first day of the working week, after smudging the money worries out from the back of my mind, and shifting left to take focus on enjoying some time away from ‘making a living’ and looking at creating again. What made the last few days shine is a few people have commissioned me to create exactly what I would of anyhow. They didn’t lay down miles of direction, or budget constraints or ego, they just said ‘go for it’, and that’s when I work best, when I am happy, and have some confidence. In turn I created some work that I actually dig, which is rare.

A lack of time and a need for money must of killed the creative lives of so, so many artists. It’s a shame, and I thank the powers that be, and my family for having faith in me to take a few risks and have a dig at making stuff, doing shit and not giving in to societies guidelines.

Below are a few examples from a few mediums that make up what I do and what RV is all about.

If you have a brand / project / concept or empty wall that you think RV could bring to life, contact me and lets make cool shit!


Mine&TGscrafts PaintingwithBill001 PaintingwithBill002 TGcraft RV_Savhannah040 RV_Savhannah028bw_shadowgrope RV_Savhannah018bw Monique_WebSelect015 Monique_WebSelect019Thoughts11059931_1010873508925253_3448830482011642267_n

Down by the river.

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With all the elements and variables on the table, going into a shoot solo and aiming to capture video & stills can bring you undone. Yesterday things came together. Here are a handful of selects // Model: Savhanna Fowler // Model / Assistant: Monique Mears //

For media production enquiries contact e:

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RV_Monique2_010 RV_Monique2_012RV_Monique2_011RV_Monique2_009 RV_Savhannah039RV_Savhannah041bw RV_Savhannah031bw RV_Savhannah034bw RV_Savhannah001bw RV_Monique2_002bw RV_Monique2_004 RV_Savhannah006 RV_Savhannah008 RV_Savhannah010bw RV_Savhannah018bw RV_Savhannah029 RV_Savhannah046 RV_Savhannah047 RV_Savhannah049bw RV_Savhannah051bw RV_Savhannah053bw RV_Savhannah054bw