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Mr Jordy Smith… There’s a lot to be said about Jordy… There’s a lot thats been said about Jordy… All in all, he has had the smoke blown from here to there and his pockets pissed in from north to south… The surfing world want him… Who can blame them. The way Jordy goes about surfing is a sight to see… If you can imagine a day at Jeffrey’s Bay, 100 people on the beach, dog walkers, sunbakers, groms… Jordy takes off, people stop and take notice, he doesnt just surf above the rest, he makes you think you could do it… An effortless style like Jordy’s is 1 in a million but combined with every trick in the book and rail turns with the best you can be forgiven for saying he is the future of the sport. RV got in touch with Jordy during his time in Hawaii… This is Jordy Smith, this is CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW.


RV– How are ya Mr Smith?… How’s Hawaii treatin ya?

JS– I’m good thanks… Been a few good times but the season is just getting started.

RV– Seems like only a few weeks ago you were out in Oz doing the junior series… Your career has come on in leaps and bounds, how does it feel lookin’ back on the last few years?

JS– Feels wild… It’s been a good few years and a lot of good times

RV– I’ve heard a lot of people’s take on your first year on tour… How has it been through your eyes?

JS– This whole year has been a huge learning curve for me. A lot of people thought I was just gonna win a world title, but that wasn’t even my focus. A top 5 finish would have been ideal but I just wanted to feel my first year out and my sponsors knew that… Next year it’s on.

RV– What’s your take on the current state of the WCT?… judging, locations, the standard.

JS– The judging is up and down with every event, its hard to adapt. The events are at pretty good waves but it’s definately not perfect all year like I expected. Everyone surfs well… It’s just who knows the game… The standard is always high.

RV– You’re pickin up your rashee for a heat against Parko… What’s going through your head as you’re walking down the beach?

JS– Nothing really… It doesn’t matter who i’ve got… I just want to get the good waves.

RV– From our years working together, I know one thing… You’re a fiercely competitive being and place yourself under a lot of pressure?

JS– Surfing is an income and my path to a good life… It doesn’t matter who it is in my way I am gonna make sure I get where I wanna be.

RV– Do you sleep well the night before a big heat?

JS– I don’t get to nervous… Just cross the bridge when I come to it and don’t think to much about it.

RV– Do you make an effort to watch any heats?

JS– Yeah I like to watch Andy, Dane and Kelly

RV– Would you rather a win at Jbay or nail the last section in one of Taylor’s films?

JS– A win at Jbay for sure… Never be forgotten… My main focus is the WCT… Movies come with the territory.

RV– You’re on the ‘CT for a world title like everyone else… But i’m guessing you’re there ’cause you know you’ve got it in you… When do you see yourself holding the title?

JS– I try not to think about the title much… I believe if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

RV– What are your goals out of the water?

JS– Be happy and nice to everyone… As well as meeting a few hot chicks along the way.

RV– What question’s been rufflin’ your feathers?

JS– The ‘Dane’ question of course (comparing us). Also, people always ask me how I am going on the ‘CT… They know the answer they’re just looking for a reaction.

RV– One word answer for the following

JS– KELLY- mathematical/ ANDY- raw/ PARKO- adjusting/ DURBAN- home/ AUSTRALIA- skinny jeans/ AMERICA- bold/ DAMO- handsome/ JBAY- spiritual/ LIFE- fun/ WINNING- emotions/ FAMILY- love/ FRIENDS- replacable hahaha/ NORTH SHORE- crowded/ LOCALISM- right/ TED’S BAKERY- hungover.

RV– What do you miss when your on tour?

JS– Surfing new pier with my friends and family

RV– One thing you couldn’t live without?

JS– My laptop for myspace and facebook…hahahah

RV– If you had to lose one, what would it be… SIGHT, HEARING or SPEECH

JS– That’s a hard one, if I lost my hearing I lose my balance too, so i’ll have to go with speech.

RV– So there must be a ‘Jordy movie’ on the cards. Can you let RV in on any secrets?

JS– It’s not my focus at the moment… When I’m ready i’m gonna make sure it’s the best that I can… No average clips.

RV– Working on any of your own moves?

JS– Nah… Working on new moves means taking time off rail surfing which is all I need to focus on right now.

RV– If you could listen to only one band for the rest of your life who would it be?

JS– INXS or U2… I would kill to go to one of their concerts.

RV– A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?

JS– Absolute legends. Want them to be a apart of my program one day.

RV– As long as there’s nothing good on TV we should be able to fit you in… just stirrin’… Say the word.

Thanks to Kendall O’Brien for his lens skills and Damien Fahrenfort for his top notch typing and communication abilities… Spot on Damo. Almost there Kenny… gamin’



Jordy, Sterling and Wade. Sth Africa ’07


the view from Jordy’s balconey


A board RV did for Jordy last year sometime

Another shadow has been cast…

Passion Pop

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Passion Pop was the first film I made for Billabong… It all most killed me… It was the first chance I was given to make a film that was going to get seen by more than the boys up home… It’s old news now, but I often get asked what are the codes for the ‘vault’?… The secret sections are bits and pieces of what went down behind the scenes, there is some funny gear in there… heres all you need to unlock them.





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Lee Wilson is a man of many talents… You know him in the water but the shit he does on land is messed out… Give him a nikko and a new craft and this is the outcome… You will be seeing a lot of him here in the future.



Patience aint for me… If I had some I wouldn’t have to post the last half of Wade’s blog… There will probably be more to come, but I aint ringin Hawaii to find out when, where, how… Id have to sell my dog for that sorta coin… Here is some new posts from Wade that came in an email named ‘HAWAII CREATIVE RUNAMUKTION’… He has suupped up his journo skills ten fold and thrown in Brades and Lee, 2 of the reasons the RV boat took float.



You know those jokes that are super overdone but still get a laugh every time? Drawing on a passout is one of them.



RV northern squadron

RVART_see 4 ya’self

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Mr Tom Baker… I was in my usual state of frustration editing up last years junior series video, ‘INSIDE’ when I realized once again I had a pile of ‘A’ grade vision but no music to go with it… Then an album by a pack of poms called ‘Nexus Bloom’ rocked up on my desk… I threw down a few of their tracks and before long my nightmare had transformed into pure synchronized beauty.


Tom was the lead guitarist and vocalist of N.B, after realizing that the UK had no time for their music they fled to Australia In hope of greener pastures… They were wrong, after months of looking for gigs and a decent bass player the band could not survive and Tom Field the drummer had no choice but to pack up ship and head home. Tom Baker however wasnt convinced that his time in Australia was over… Tom and his girl walked headfirst down struggle street, for months they batteld towards the dream of recognition and a possible record signing… Luck wasnt on their side… Until they made the decision to jump on a flight to South Oz…


After being invited by the boys from Amundsen’s Flag they headed to Ceduna where they set up camp in a cottage on the boys farm… A month later Tom walked away with true friendship and his own album under a new title ‘MINERS CLUB‘… Thats when I got the call… ‘Nolan, we are comin to crash on ya floor’… ‘No worries you filthy swines, the floor’s all yours’… After a few rums, scotches and a fair deal of durries we came up with the idea of shooting Runamuk’s and Tom’s virgin film clip…



Now this is true to honest god… The clip below took us 7 hours all up… shooting, editing, compressing, uploading and whinging… I say that ’cause we’re happy about the turnaround… We are not trying to rival Spike Jonze, (who could?) however we do think we have come out the other side with an entertaining clip… But it’s here so you can be the judge…This is ‘NO CASH FOR SORROW’ by Tom Baker… ENJOY?



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The clip below is pure amusement. A good mate of mine, Mr Stirling Howland used to have a clip to show me most mornings in the office… Considering he created the World Wide Web he should know of some funny clips… We pissed ourselves for hours each day at this and I thought you guys might share our twisted sense of humour. Ravers? what is this breed? Enjoy!


CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW with Luke Cheadle the mastermind behind ‘theTOURlife’ phenomenon

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Mr Luke Cheadle… I first met Luke in Hawaii in 2003. Being an unknown filmmaker with a lil plastic tripod, a backpack and no idea it can be hard finding a cheap quality stay on the North Shore, fortunately I snagged a place through my good mate Ryan ‘thetoe’ Campbell… Before long the house at Sunset had turned into a halfway house for Australian, Brazillian and American juniors… I had a merry old time on my stay, but it wasn’t the footage I bagged or the spam sushi I ate, it was the crew I met and the mates I have for life that made it so memorable… Cheads is one of these mates. After all the grief I gave him and the pizza pockets I stole we remain good mates, we are both just a lil wiser… He used to be a poxy faced frothin grommet, now he resembles a man model or someone out of the latest electro group… Then again I used to be a skinny pest, now im a fat pest… All in all he is still the same bloke and thank god for it… He is a fine character and a true compliment to the Australian Surfing family.


Cheads back in ’03, Sunset Point, reppin one of the original RV shirts.


This was Hawaii ’04. On our way to Honolulu for caps and kicks.


Hawaii ’04… I had this shot posted somewhere on the web and Brades asked ‘Is that Vin Diesel with the tats?’… I said ‘ No, thats Stuey Campbell and he will out stunt Vin in a heartbeat. Pagey with his signature hand jive.


Bending… then Melting.

I caught up with Cheads to see about what he’s been up to and what ‘theTOURlife’ is all about.

RV- How are ya Mr Cheadle?

LC- I’m great mate, had a lovely day actually. A really nice surf at newport filming with Pagey, then we grabbed a couple of longy’s and watched the girls walk past at Manly… So yeah, great at the moment.

RV– The TOURLIFE is the talk of many towns… How did it come about?

LC– I’d had an idea about showing the world the sort of things that happen on the WQS, ’cause no-one was really giving a shit or doing anything about it. At first it was gonna be a film but I didnt really have the funds, so I started a blog… At first it was a lil’ rank but as soon as the comps started and I got more involved it turned out pretty cool. I soon realized however that Pagey had the same idea concerning a film, so we teamed up and filmed the entire year. The partying, the heats and everything in between. The film should be out next year, so check it.


‘stand tall! Luke’


Spence, Cheads and Sedz… Loiterin’

 RV– It focuses on just a handful of Aussie QS campaigners right?

LC– Yeah pretty much… The people that are interesting and doing shit should be written about…hahahaha… That sounded a bit gay, but if I didnt do the blog and you didnt do your Runamuk thing no-one would hear about about half the guys, even though they are the best surfers and funnest guys out there.

RV– the 10 pack… Who are they?

LC- Ahhh, they are the best crew of people in the world mate…. hahaha… It was the crew we vowed to travel with for the duration of the Europe leg. It consisted of Dozza, Spence, Myself, Sully, Woody, Melling, Sedz, Fish, Brenno and a mate from home Brett… Who’s a mad dog.


the 10 pack +1 and a few snags

RV– Thats a well fair team. 

Your groupie following has been mutating across the world, how many girls greet you at each airport? Whats the best sign you have seen? and whats the most pairs of undies you have ever had in your pocket at the one time?

LC- Hhahahahahahah… Dont know if I should be talking about it, but fuck it!… It’s what everyone always says and I dont really care so I’ll let some stuff loose. Our time in L.A was crazy, we had some nuts parties where we all had a chick, cruising round nude and going mad. England was messed up, the ten of us were packed into a tiny room and the place is like ‘THE’ party town, so I think I seen all of the single boys pump throughout the time there, most notably was Woody, but we wont go there hahahaha. I might leave it at that… although it all sounds a bit gay haha.


make the cut cheads?





mission accomplished

RV– As long as there is nude girls involved I think ‘gay’ is a term that wont be needed.

Can I get your 10 pack rating (1st – 10th ) on the following.


LC– Sedz has the best ranking, with Brett the worst hahaha. Best drop wallet would be Dozza for sure with probably me the worst I cant layback if my life depends on it. Best punter would have to be Spence with a few fighting it out for last. Larrikin, no need for any name other than Fish, he gets the best and worst, ’cause he can be the funniest guy in the world and the most annoying. Deck skills would be Sedz, Spence then me and Fish, no-one else really hits it. Dozza is actually an amazing dancer and Sully got on stage with a whistle fist pumping one night so he gets worst. Fish would be the ladies man for sheer numbers alone with Sedz the worst, he didn’t get one root, sorry Sedz but you are qualifying anyway mate. Worst hygiene, ahh fuck, Woody. Dont really take notice of farting, but im sure something died in our room in England. All the boys will say im the Mummy’s boy, but fuck I dont complain or puss out I just love my mum. Dont know about the snake in the grass but me and Brett had a run-in over some chicks on the first night of the trip, hahahaha. We all boozed away together so its a joint win there, yyyeeewwwwww. Brother in law would probably be Dozza, he’s that fucking nice and can bash the shit outta people… there’s no way i’d let fish come home with my sis.


the TOURLIFE dogs… Tarantino has already cast Will Farrell as ‘Woody’

RV– You gotta love ya mum, its compulsary

Most memorable moment in TTL history?

LC– Got so many good memories on the tour life mate. I scroll through TTL.COM and just smile and laugh every time I look at it, definately had a fun year. The funniest would be England again with Woody’s run-in with the ‘Beast’… but she was a good sport and I wasn’t there… I think she is a nice girl too, hahahah.

RV– Whats your pick up line of choice?

LC- Hahahaha, ah?… ‘Hey, whats up?’… I dont have a plan, I just go up and see what happens and sometimes I wake up with a sore head and a rig beside me… sometimes just the sore head.

RV– Does the 10 pack work as a team?

LC– Yeah mate of course, we’d film together, taking turns shooting and watching each others heats. We’d dance together and be wingmen even at the worst of times…hahaha… Anything your fellow 10 packers needed someone was always there.


fellow Flannel representatives… and the Doz steele

RV– If your ipod froze on the one song for the rest of its life, what track would you hope it was?

LC– Booka Shade – ‘In white rooms’ or anything by Trentonmoller. I love my electronic music mate.

RV– so your happy to listen to electro when your a wrinkly old dude at the TAB smoking rollies?…. Thats commendable, I had my money on Bowie or Dylan… ‘Ziggy plays guitar’…or Cheadle and the Monkeyman’ hahaha

Who do you reckon will be the first of the 10 pack to qualify and when?

LC– Well Sedz and Melling are looking good for this year mate, i’m pretty confident in the guy’s. After that there’s a couple. Everyone surfs that bloody good, it just comes down to a bit of luck, strategy and I think you gotta fucking hassle hey, whether you like it or not.

RV– If I was to call you ‘ Luke Skypestalker’ what would be your response?

LC– hahaha, i’d just laugh mate, I think you called me that ’cause I barred ya on facebook for a girl I was talking to from the states. I never really use it but I have lately its phenomenal.

RV– ‘I am your father Luke Skypestalker, you must cease cyber love affairs and return to electronic sword fighting…’

Whats instore for the TTL crew in 2009?

LC– More of the same i’d say. I just booked a ticket to the states for next year when Coachella is on which is the biggest festival in the world, got some hook ups for that I think. We will be hitting Mexico that same trip and finishing with the comp at Trestles. So thats the only thing thats been set in stone as yet but we’ll have fun, go mad, surf a lot and show you the things you dont usually get to see.


CHEADS_durbanwavepool from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.

RV– A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?

LC- Fuck! I cant put words to it. Runamuk has been with me for pretty much my whole surfing life, started on my first trip ever which was to Hawaii, Runamuk was there self-funded, filming the boys and providing art and laughs. Runamuk was there through my Billabong years once again filming, laughing and giving good life advice and now once again Runamuk is here with me and the boys through the TOUR LIFE days doing what he/it does best, and thats just being too damn cool for any school.

RV- spot on cheads….hahaha… I should ditch that question, but the boats floatin and the feathers are ruffled so bite it!

Now get yourselves to ‘the Tour Life’ site. Go back to the top of this page and to your right in the ‘Like minded Fools’ column click their button… or push their buttons… they fuckin love it

another pointless picture

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CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW with Luke Dorrington

11/14/2008 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO, CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW


Luke Dorrington… One of the true characters in the Australian surfing family… You know some nights, you’ve got a heap of mates ’round for a beer, things arent flowing, everyone slowly retreats home and flags the night out… ‘Im not feelin’ it‘… ‘I got no coin, I’m saving for my chicks birthday’… Well, Luke’s the bloke who will turn these arvo’s around, just as the last member of the team is about to head home for a movie and a cuddle with the missus Doz can walk in… and its on… He’s the first one up the next morning and the last one out of the surf that arvo.

I spent a good chunk of last night slappin’ a profile clip of Doz together… For no real reason, the footage was there and the footage was good… Thats the only reasons an editor should need to put a clip together for a mate… Now that it’s done ive sat back and realized that you guys gotta see this… So here is our first ‘CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW’ section. Enjoy.                Thanks to Billabong Entertainment, Kendall O’Brien and Shags at Surfing Options.


RV: How are ya Doz?… Where are ya? what you been up to?

LD: I’m good mate, just finished work and im havin’ a beer on the couch.

RV: So I hear a lot of mixed reports about the life of a ‘QS campaigner, whats your take on it all?

LD: I really enjoy doing the ‘QS, you get paid to compete in a surfing event in another country and do it with ya mates, it can be a bit upsetting when you’re losing heats but hey, ya take the good with the bad I guess…

RV: It’s the way of the world… The surfing world is in a futuristic frenzy ‘rodeo this, sushi gorkin that’… You reckon a flip rivals a proper man hack?

LD: Ha ha… Julian, Wade, Jordy and almost every other kid in the world are doing rodeo’s and sushi things at the drop of a hat… I think its great but I couldn’t do one to save my life… I prefer to keep the rail in the H20.

RV: Just the usual run of the mill question…1 word answers for the following

LD: HAZZA – tapped… LECKIE – weird… BRADES – powerful… WADE – freak… LAURIE – lunatic… WOODY – sexual… MELLING – talent… SEDZ – sagbag… COLEBORNE – ford territory… CAMPBELL – waterpistol… BALO – daddy… CLIPPER – determined

RV: If someone was to ‘own’ snapper who would it be?… Who gets the most waves or does the most damage?

LD: Parko… He always gets the best ones and surfs them ok too…hahaha

RV: Your fresh back from 3 months overseas, who’s the first crew you ring for a beer?

LD: The Harrington family are always keen for a beer and some laughs, Doogs, Muzza, Dazza, Stellix, Hopey, Pitty, Gazza, Harvey boy.

RV: You’ve spent a lot of time travellin’ with James ‘TAIPAN’ Wood… Whats the most amusing story you have about the stock?

LD: I put his name in the gay classifieds and he has been getting hasseled by homosexuals non stop for the last few months… Now he’s gonna find out who did it… Sorry James!

RV: Margs would be proud of that prank.

You’ve been working in the mines for awhile… Whats your thoughts on working for a living?

LD: I work for company in Port Headland, Western Australia that supply’s the mines with cement, apart from waking up at 5am every morning i’m really enjoying it… I work with a cool crew and it’s a good change of lifestyle, I think it builds character… I do miss the surf every day, but i’m trying not to think about it too much… It’s made me hungrier to do well on the ‘QS next year.

RV: Run down of your perfect day?

LD: Wake up early and surf good waves at home, either Snapper or Dbah, breakfast with my girl Brodee, surf again, then hit Top noodle for some Japanese food, then down the Sands to catch up with all my friends, a few beers then home for a feed and a sleep.

RV: How’s Brenno travellin’… He is an entertaining surfer to watch… Any rivalry there?

LD: He’s good, just hangin’ at home with his dog Fled and his mates… Nah, no rivalry between us really, he loves to tell me when i’m surfing like a kook and I try to help him out when he makes stupid decisions, which is really often… though it’s rare he listens.

RV: You dont mind whippin’ up a good feed… What’s your meal of choice?

LD: I love to cook, but I kinda suck, I wish I was much better… I might have to take some classes… I’d love to open a restaurant one day… Meal of choice? anything seafood.

RV: What do you reckon companies are lookin’ for in their riders?

LD: A marketable, determined surfer with skills…

RV: If you could have any 3 bands play in the backyard… Who would they be?

LD: Metallica, U2 and the Foo Fighters!

RV: A few words to describe ‘RUNAMUK VISUALS’?

LD: A talented man who came back from the dead and has a passion for making epic monumental films and drawing messed up pictures and other crazy shit… Keep an eye out for RV ’cause it’s gonna blow up!!!

RV: Now thats gonna be tough to print… But its better than RV blowin its own trumpet… Cheers for your time Doz, hope you like your profile clip.

‘CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW’ No1 is alive.


A board I did up for Doz in Jbay… Quick coat of clear and off ya go bruz.


A band of merry misfits feasting in Hawaii.


Shot from a few years back… Hilton Dawe on the lens.


hanging with ‘thetourlife’ boys in Sth Africa… To see more of the mighty 10 pack click on ‘the TOUR life’ tab in the ‘LIKE MINDED FOOLS’ column on the left.


You and ya dog…


Wade, Campi, Shags, Kenny and Doz… Croonin’ in Jeffrey’s

Untitled from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.



A collection of clips taken from Wade’s Life over the last year or two… None of the best ‘action’ clips are featured as we are holding onto them until the time has come… So for the record this isnt the launch of CREATIVE DESTRUCTION its more of a flashback on some amusing and entertaining moments from the past… Enjoy.

Untitled from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.


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This is the teaser to a film I was workin on last year… Things didnt quite fall into place and the project was put on hold, However the teaser was reasonably entertaining… or maybe im just buyin the shit im selling… you be the judge.

RVART_wades creations


Once upon a time the boys used to chase RV up to graph up their boards…Well, times change… Between Wade, Lee, Laurie, Sedz and Coleborn they dont need no help… here’s a few of Wade’s sketches and some other stills from the past few weeks…




Above is a wall in Wade’s house… He moves into a new joint soon so these creations are gettin a fresh coat of see ya later.

The following shots I thought deserved a run before they got all old and dusty and nobody cared about them. Photos by WSG.








Wade dumped these photos on my computer yesterday… ‘there might be a few photos for the website’… Damn right there is… First up Snoop’n’Cube from earlier this year… Old news sure, doesnt change the fact that Snoop and Cube are two cool motherfuckers.


Snoop. So blazed the screens high.



Reppin’ a Brisbane Lions jersey…


 Wade croonin’ side stage with Snoops Female entourage…




‘Big fish in a small pond’





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Heres a board I did up for Wade… Zombies. Wade. Perfect…