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CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW with Luke Dorrington

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Luke Dorrington… One of the true characters in the Australian surfing family… You know some nights, you’ve got a heap of mates ’round for a beer, things arent flowing, everyone slowly retreats home and flags the night out… ‘Im not feelin’ it‘… ‘I got no coin, I’m saving for my chicks birthday’… Well, Luke’s the bloke who will turn these arvo’s around, just as the last member of the team is about to head home for a movie and a cuddle with the missus Doz can walk in… and its on… He’s the first one up the next morning and the last one out of the surf that arvo.

I spent a good chunk of last night slappin’ a profile clip of Doz together… For no real reason, the footage was there and the footage was good… Thats the only reasons an editor should need to put a clip together for a mate… Now that it’s done ive sat back and realized that you guys gotta see this… So here is our first ‘CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW’ section. Enjoy.                Thanks to Billabong Entertainment, Kendall O’Brien and Shags at Surfing Options.


RV: How are ya Doz?… Where are ya? what you been up to?

LD: I’m good mate, just finished work and im havin’ a beer on the couch.

RV: So I hear a lot of mixed reports about the life of a ‘QS campaigner, whats your take on it all?

LD: I really enjoy doing the ‘QS, you get paid to compete in a surfing event in another country and do it with ya mates, it can be a bit upsetting when you’re losing heats but hey, ya take the good with the bad I guess…

RV: It’s the way of the world… The surfing world is in a futuristic frenzy ‘rodeo this, sushi gorkin that’… You reckon a flip rivals a proper man hack?

LD: Ha ha… Julian, Wade, Jordy and almost every other kid in the world are doing rodeo’s and sushi things at the drop of a hat… I think its great but I couldn’t do one to save my life… I prefer to keep the rail in the H20.

RV: Just the usual run of the mill question…1 word answers for the following

LD: HAZZA – tapped… LECKIE – weird… BRADES – powerful… WADE – freak… LAURIE – lunatic… WOODY – sexual… MELLING – talent… SEDZ – sagbag… COLEBORNE – ford territory… CAMPBELL – waterpistol… BALO – daddy… CLIPPER – determined

RV: If someone was to ‘own’ snapper who would it be?… Who gets the most waves or does the most damage?

LD: Parko… He always gets the best ones and surfs them ok too…hahaha

RV: Your fresh back from 3 months overseas, who’s the first crew you ring for a beer?

LD: The Harrington family are always keen for a beer and some laughs, Doogs, Muzza, Dazza, Stellix, Hopey, Pitty, Gazza, Harvey boy.

RV: You’ve spent a lot of time travellin’ with James ‘TAIPAN’ Wood… Whats the most amusing story you have about the stock?

LD: I put his name in the gay classifieds and he has been getting hasseled by homosexuals non stop for the last few months… Now he’s gonna find out who did it… Sorry James!

RV: Margs would be proud of that prank.

You’ve been working in the mines for awhile… Whats your thoughts on working for a living?

LD: I work for company in Port Headland, Western Australia that supply’s the mines with cement, apart from waking up at 5am every morning i’m really enjoying it… I work with a cool crew and it’s a good change of lifestyle, I think it builds character… I do miss the surf every day, but i’m trying not to think about it too much… It’s made me hungrier to do well on the ‘QS next year.

RV: Run down of your perfect day?

LD: Wake up early and surf good waves at home, either Snapper or Dbah, breakfast with my girl Brodee, surf again, then hit Top noodle for some Japanese food, then down the Sands to catch up with all my friends, a few beers then home for a feed and a sleep.

RV: How’s Brenno travellin’… He is an entertaining surfer to watch… Any rivalry there?

LD: He’s good, just hangin’ at home with his dog Fled and his mates… Nah, no rivalry between us really, he loves to tell me when i’m surfing like a kook and I try to help him out when he makes stupid decisions, which is really often… though it’s rare he listens.

RV: You dont mind whippin’ up a good feed… What’s your meal of choice?

LD: I love to cook, but I kinda suck, I wish I was much better… I might have to take some classes… I’d love to open a restaurant one day… Meal of choice? anything seafood.

RV: What do you reckon companies are lookin’ for in their riders?

LD: A marketable, determined surfer with skills…

RV: If you could have any 3 bands play in the backyard… Who would they be?

LD: Metallica, U2 and the Foo Fighters!

RV: A few words to describe ‘RUNAMUK VISUALS’?

LD: A talented man who came back from the dead and has a passion for making epic monumental films and drawing messed up pictures and other crazy shit… Keep an eye out for RV ’cause it’s gonna blow up!!!

RV: Now thats gonna be tough to print… But its better than RV blowin its own trumpet… Cheers for your time Doz, hope you like your profile clip.

‘CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW’ No1 is alive.


A board I did up for Doz in Jbay… Quick coat of clear and off ya go bruz.


A band of merry misfits feasting in Hawaii.


Shot from a few years back… Hilton Dawe on the lens.


hanging with ‘thetourlife’ boys in Sth Africa… To see more of the mighty 10 pack click on ‘the TOUR life’ tab in the ‘LIKE MINDED FOOLS’ column on the left.


You and ya dog…


Wade, Campi, Shags, Kenny and Doz… Croonin’ in Jeffrey’s

Untitled from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.



A collection of clips taken from Wade’s Life over the last year or two… None of the best ‘action’ clips are featured as we are holding onto them until the time has come… So for the record this isnt the launch of CREATIVE DESTRUCTION its more of a flashback on some amusing and entertaining moments from the past… Enjoy.

Untitled from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.


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This is the teaser to a film I was workin on last year… Things didnt quite fall into place and the project was put on hold, However the teaser was reasonably entertaining… or maybe im just buyin the shit im selling… you be the judge.

RVART_wades creations


Once upon a time the boys used to chase RV up to graph up their boards…Well, times change… Between Wade, Lee, Laurie, Sedz and Coleborn they dont need no help… here’s a few of Wade’s sketches and some other stills from the past few weeks…




Above is a wall in Wade’s house… He moves into a new joint soon so these creations are gettin a fresh coat of see ya later.

The following shots I thought deserved a run before they got all old and dusty and nobody cared about them. Photos by WSG.








Wade dumped these photos on my computer yesterday… ‘there might be a few photos for the website’… Damn right there is… First up Snoop’n’Cube from earlier this year… Old news sure, doesnt change the fact that Snoop and Cube are two cool motherfuckers.


Snoop. So blazed the screens high.



Reppin’ a Brisbane Lions jersey…


 Wade croonin’ side stage with Snoops Female entourage…




‘Big fish in a small pond’





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Heres a board I did up for Wade… Zombies. Wade. Perfect…



no need for words

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THAILAND comes to an end…

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Im strugglin’ to cope with being home… You know after you get home from a trip,  wake up jet lag lingering in your mind and the thought of work crashes home… FUCK!… Anyhow I whinge too much, I should just man up and deal with it…?… Here is a pile of shots I snapped in our last few days in Thailand…


Trawling through one of the night markets I found this lil’ antique collectors shop… It was a hoarders paradise, reminded me of that shop that was run by those weird lil’ peasants in ‘the Labrynth’ I didnt buy anything… I’ve got more than enough pointless shit in my house as it is, nevertheless it was a rad lil shop.


The subway in Bangkok, my girls strolls by.


View from the skytrain.


This was at the WW2 cemetary, the bodies of 7000 Australian soldiers were buried here… Most of them were no older than 25.



The elevator maze of MBK, one of the biggest shopping centres in Bangkok… It was just a market with elevators.








The evening ritual….beer, ciggie and Ron Jeremy’s Bio… I thought my life was bumpin along fine then I read about this guys life… HEROIC.



So that’s Thailand through the squinty eyes of RUNAMUK VISUALS… I recommend the place to anyone… If you like buying things you’ll love it… If your a cheapskate you’ll love it more…If your’e a dirty old man short of some lovin you’ll never come home.

I’m hoping the Thailand posts didnt bore anyone out there… But it was either that or nothing…

Nothing works better than something.


the eyes of 12 hours Transit

RV goes to Thailand day 4

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Organized tours shit me… It’s all go go go, no time to kick back and take it all in…

This tour was an exception, the guide was a good bloke and eased the pain of a 2 hour bus ride with constant one liners and aussie interpretations.

The waterfalls were good, the whitewater rafting was better but riding elephants through the jungle was alltime… The best animal on the planet is my dog Arch, but if I could accommodate an elephant in the backyard Archie would have to share his bowl… Mellow as, just plodding along at their own speed eating whatever their trunks can reach… Riding on the back of ’em I couldnt help but flicker through images of ‘animals gone wild’ shows, I dont think I was the only one… Instead it was a cruise.


Smokey the elephant guide managed to roll durries back to back from start to finish…commendable.




To finish off the day we headed into Patong for dinner, being a Friday night the town was alive… It was pissing down but alive nonetheless, the night prowlers were out in full force but it was passing by a cabaret restaurant that had me grabbing for my camera… Not sure what they’re called in Thailand but a bangchong’s a bangchong…


This is John… John likes to butter his bread on both sides and watching AFL.


This is Jim and Tony they also love the AFL… Jim follows the Cats, Tony the West coast eagles.


cheese ya grater…

RV goes to Thailand_day 2



Now heres a place where a single bloke could get parra, stabbed and STD’d in an hour… The amount of dudes gettin’ round with Thai girls under their arms is fucked up… Good on ’em dont get me wrong, im sure they’re havin a great time. Nevertheless, the few things I noticed in Patong were 1) Thai’s are twice the bootleggers the Balinese are 2) Morning price is the same anytime of day and 3) ‘fuck! hows that old bloke with the 4 young Thai girls’… Nah, like I said, good on em just hope they dont bust a tarp before they bust a nut.


‘Livin’ in the gutter lookin at the stars’


Since arriving I have been snappin’ shots of every pay phone I see… Every one is different… I like that, so when I get a collection of pay phone shots I’ll post em up… Yeah I know, every g-string’s different as well but pay phones are easier to shoot.


How’s the grom with the gun handjive…


After 6 hours of trawling the streets of Patong with a backpack, camerabag and my girls shopping add ons we ventured home in a Tuk-Tuk… Heres a shot out the side…

cheese ya grater…

RV goes to Thailand_night 1


I learnt from years of going to Indo that the best food is in the markets or wherever the locals are lining up… I thought I was ‘pretty worldly’ before strolling into the Karon night markets, ive eaten snails, frog legs, eel, kangaroo… you know, thought I was ready to grab it by the horns so to speak… I was wrong.


I seen the biggest line in Market history… Made the satay stick line at the Eumundi markets look minor… I shuffled in for a look at what all the commotion was about… You know the old cartoon ‘double take’?… when Wiley Coyote has to take 2 looks before he realizes…’fuck off, thats an anvil’…Well that was the case when my eyes seen a row of woks full to the brim with every insect and vermon to ever roam the streets of Phuket… enjoy!


This is the only shot I got as the locals werent real fond of the laughs that came with each photo… I was pissin’ myself just watching a pile of crew frothin at the bit for a plate of vermon…’whats for dinner hun?’… ‘just scrape the grill off the falcon, the frypans hot’… GET FUCKED.


After a night that shook culture shock through my veins we strolled home… We seen hookers on bikes, hookers on gutters and hookers on smack… consistency wins in the end.

RV goes to Thailand

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Its not what I expected… A new country never is… There’s more creepy old men than there is single mum’s in Coolum, the beer is cheap as chips but just as warm… The food is unreal and so are the people… 80% of the locals are all smiles the other 20% are over us tourists… If I had to work in customer service back home I’d be a prick too… people are pests at the best of times let alone when you have to sweep their floors and pour their coffee… 2 days in and my thoughts so far… Thailand is well worth it.

DAY 1- Phi Phi Islands

I’ll cut to the chase and just mention the stuff I think I would want to read about if you went to Thailand.

‘Monkey Island’ was the first stop on our cruise. When 50 tourists from 20 different countries hear they are going to see monkeys… they want monkeys. Within 5 minutes of getting off the boats I heard ‘show me the monkeys’ in at least 10 unknown languages… it was like Jerry McGuire gone apeshit… people can be ruthless, but in a pack its a sight to see… Fucking amusing… But all went silent when the trees came alive with furry lil long tailed dudes… ‘click click click click’… The monkey family had arrived like it was a red carpet gala event and we were the paparrazzi.



The monkeys were over us as quick as I was over them… I wont deny it I was hoping papa monkey was gonna start terrorizing a few of the tourists but he got enough free food that european flesh didnt matter.

Cant recall the name of this place… It’s messed up how beautiful parts of this world really are… I’ve seen this backdrop in a pile of movies, now ive seen it in with my own eyes and I feel good.



The next few photos have no real purpose but I kinda like ’em…






Til next post… cheese ya grater.



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just bought myself a canon 450D… heres a few shots from the first few clicks










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the BATTLERS poem

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