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Rani runs the RV Headstone team tee.


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Outside of our regular filth we occasionally work on projects that are a little out of our comfort zone, a little bit different, none moreso than a behind the scenes video with Dannii Minogue.

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Work has been good lately.

no need for words

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worth your time

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strange brains / dusty payne

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in4mation / kalem beange

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created by Juka Films

the rv chosen family

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For the first time in 10 years we recently steered our little backyard brand back down the clothing path. There’s no doubt, it’s a mugs game. To make quality clothing here in Oz without going offshore is an expensive struggle, but if we can’t support small local business we can’t expect it in return… But what we got back was humbling. Sure, we barely broke even, but I can go check the surf any day and see a handful of Headstone tees and hoodies on my way, I see our stickers slapped in places that amuse the hell out of me and its those little things that reassure me that its worth the late nights and effort and that we are building a big family of friends in the meantime. So, thanks to everyone who’s ever repped our gear, watched our productions, our hung my art on your wall. RV is for anyone, anytime. We just don’t like dickheads.

the ryan watson memorial 2013

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Last weekend a heap of us, young, old and crusty sea dogs got together on the sands of Sunshine Beach to remember and celebrate one of the most unique humans our little town has ever produced, Ryza Watson. After 3 years of running this event, the time and effort put in by all was finally returned with a crispy winter’s morning. Noosa, you were a saucy little bitch this day and we thank you for it! Without doubt, one of the best days of my life. Here is the video my family and I at Runamuk Visuals produced of the day. When you’re passionate about something it always shows, I think this edit is an example of the love we all have for our fallen brother. Ryza, I hope my old man is dropping in on ya in the big ocean in the sky, you lanky, freckly bastard!!! Love ya.


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Growing up in my Mum’s house we had a variety of random and unique people coming and going, many of them just stayed. Students, friends of friends, family, even strangers. As a single child living on and off with separated parents it was these people who helped build the person I am today… One bloke moreso than any other. His name was Roger, he was a lazy prick, maybe the laziest I’ve ever known. As a teenager he shit me to tears. But he was a very, very talented bastard and I looked up to him like a brother. He slept on the floor on a futon in the spare room next to mine, he had nothing to his name but his Rickenbacker, and he cherished it like a kid does a kitten. In the time he lived with us he stripped it and re-painted it 3 times. I used to catch him out just smiling at it. He could play anything on it, anything… I was a little punk at the time and I would press play on my tape deck; Rancid, Throwdown, Nofx, Toe to Toe, Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag would play, and Rodge would play it back at me and sing his own made up lyrics like a beast. (I later heard he would never sing in front of anyone else). He was the punkest motherfucker I ever met… Still to this day, no man I have ever seen could wear a leather jacket like him, especially in Summer around the Noosa Junction… I hate the term ‘Swag’, but Rodger was Swag as fuck… Mum would make a roast, a bullshit roast, with the lot… Rodger would heat up some Latina Fresh ravioli and pour in some Dolmio and eat that instead, and all I wanted was a saucepan, a fork and to eat Ravioli like Rodge. He was my first and only living hero. He brought me PUNK, not in a musical sense, in a pure way of life… Now, when I think about it, I fucking loved the bloke. He was a human like no other. I just found out he passed away after years living on the streets. If he’s having a funeral I’m not sure, but this is what I would of read to him… I’m sick of losing people. Love the people you have, and love them well. Live positive. Death Sux. Amen. RIP RODGER the DODGEY LODGER.

‘Creep’ is that one song that reminds me of ya.

womp comp

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This just made my day. Couple of good mates of ours are ruling in this thing too. So fun, so good.


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lucy returns


model: lucy / photo: juka films