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young front premieres this week.

06/02/2013 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, FRIENDS OF RV

This time next week we’ll all be nursing hangovers from the premiere of Juka Film’s “YOUNG FRONT”. It may well be the best surf film to come out of the Sunny Coast since the infamous “Dognatas” of 2001. I’ve seen the rough cut and its fun as shit! These kids are a bit of ok. We have donated an original one off canvas to be given away on the night. Froffff up Pelicans!


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I hereby pronounce my undying man love for all the motherfuckers at the Velvet Sea. They are part of the ‘little guys’ movement. While the surf industry is strugglin’ there are creative by products blooming about and the Velvet Sea have just brought their brand to life through a new film by my good mate Sammy Page. Amen brother!



We got sent this last night. No idea who the mystery girl is?

LLS: mooney monthly

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Mooney still rules. Props to upcoming filmmaker Owen Milne.


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L U C Y & the headstone hoods

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model: Lucy / photo: Juka

duct tape

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When you get a crew like this together all in one spot, in one production, in one edit bay, the result’s always gonna be entertaining. Fun as shit!

headstone hoodies // drop soon

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sunrise shred / ginger tobler

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photo by Juka Films

This kid. Harry Bryant. Mr Popular *

You know those crew out there who’ve just got a head you wanna hate? Like Tom Waterhouse or that deadbone off Deal or no Deal?... Well, Harry’s the opposite, the kid’s got a good head. It’s one of those heads where, without even knowing him, you know he’s looking for a laugh, you know he’s good value. He’s a cheeky little fucker, and for that alone I dig the kid.

‘Harry’s a really polite, respectable kid which is pretty cool for someone his age. He surfs more than anyone I know. He’s out there no matter what and it looks to be paying the dividends because he is rapidly improving. He’s got a good little style and is exciting to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing where the future takes him. Ps: At the beach he sometimes get mistaken for a girl from behind, because of his golden mane. He’s shocked a few dudes in his time, that’s for sure!” Dean Brady

Behind the sawn-off fringe and beneath the jokes lies a kid that clearly comes from a solid family. He’s cheeky as hell but he shows that little glimpse of respect in amongst his game, just enough to get away with it. He reminds me of a young Dean Connelly, but unlike Dean, Harry will let you laugh at his jokes first and he gets to his feet a little quicker.

”He was always the super frothin’ grom. Always polite. Comes from a family of frothers. Now he is really coming in to his own and he is starting to proper rip.” Dean Connelly.

Harry’s part of a young crop of local crew that are giving it a real stab and they’re havin’ a hell time doing it. In amongst the pack is a handful of creative fuckers… Izak Clifford, Luka Raubenheimer, Nathan Tyack, Nick Jones, Woody Gooch and Jake Vincent… Some shoot stills, some shoot stills and video, some surf and shoot… They’re a mutated pack and hat’s off to them, ’cause when I was a kid, it was cool to be a deadshit. Seeing what they create is unreal, but the best thing is that it’s all starting to take shape. A year back there was a ‘novelty’ to it all, now these kids are making shit that holds its own.

‘He is a boy with a bowl cut. Girls think he is weird. He likes to surf and skate. He doesn’t share his lollies with anyone.” Luka Raubenheimer

photo’s by Nathan Tyack

It was last night when I watched ‘Cabbage Patch’ that I thought it’s about time I posted something with a bit of substance, then Harry text me with… ‘Any chance of posting this on your website? As your Mr.Popular hahah’… I assurred him that not even Julian rolls with a production team as deep as his, and gave him back his ‘Mr.Popular’ title. Here’s the video that is a feather in Harry’s cap and a big step up in the quality and production values from Nick Jones, keep it clean and simple.

In case you didn’t feel you got to know Harry any better from this post, here you go.

Cheese ya grater. Back to naked chicks and weird shit tomorrow.

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heart warmer

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radio friendly

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There is a lot to like about Noa Deane’s surfing.

brain vandals

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This piece will be up for auction at the Noosa District High School’s 50 year gig this Friday night.

If you are after you’re own custom RV piece send us an email //

one arvo with jai

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A neat little edit of a few hours with Jai Lee. Created by Andy Staley.