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No need for words

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Sometimes you dont need talent or skill to come up with the goods… I remember when I was a grom someone was gettin round home taggin the walls with ‘El Barto’ Bart Simpsons tag… simple, but it got a laugh out of me everytime I seen one.

This piece of grafitti was from the bend there at Burleigh on the Goldcoast Highway… The shot was taken by Kendall O’Brien… The artist is unknown, but god bless them for this piece.




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Steve Irwin was one of the world’s finest creations… He gave more to our planet than he ever took… Unfortunately he is no longer here to do the great things he once did… The world misses the efforts he made to make it a better place.

Steve hails from the Sunny Coast not far from where Runamuk Visuals was born… Sometime in 2002 the team was up at Double Island point shooting for ‘Shining Through’, I was out in the water when we all watched Steve paddle into one and started throwin buckets one after another… As he paddled back out and sat beside me we started talkin’… He was a mellow bloke out in the water compared to the entertainer he was on TV… He eventually asked who my mate was on the twin fin?… ‘thats Dwayno’… Steve was so impressed by the way Dwayne went about surfing each wave, his style and flow had put a smile from ear to ear on his face. (you can view Dwaynes surfing below in ‘the CRAFT’)… At this time Runamuk Visuals was barely known outside of Noosa, so I thought it couldnt hurt to ask Steve if he could give us a wrap for our next video… what happened next was the proudest moment in Runamuk Visuals history.

We all here at Runamuk Visuals thank you immensely for the props you gave us and hope your enjoyin’ your time up there mate.




To kick CREATIVE DESTRUCTION off RV has Wade’s section from one of our old productions… I’d say it would of been about 2003 when we premiered this vid…  The edit hasnt been touched since then so its the footage itself thats more the point… cause the editing just aint that flash… The vision probably goes back as far as 2000… Wade cant be any older than 17 in any of it and possibly as young as 14… enjoy


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To many this clip is old news… BUT OCCY IS TIMELESS and so is each and every clip in this tribute. The edit was the best pieces of an hour long tribute I edited for his farewell party in Hawaii last year. When it came time to find a track I thought back to some of Jack’s movies, Green Iguana, Sik Joy, Bunyip Dreaming and the one that started playin in my head was ‘Wonderful Life’ by the Celibate Rifles… Pretty sure it was in ‘Sons of fun’ and might of got a run in ‘Cyclone Fever’ aswell… dont know, but I thought it should be mentioned and so should the genius of Jack McCoy… without Jack’s perspective and quirky humour none of this tribute would of been possible…

So sit back, hit play and have a look at some of the best moments from the most unique surfer in history.


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This board was the first board I drew on in years… I used to draw on the boys boards heaps, but just got over it… Id just sit there with the board and a nikko reelin’ through my brain hoping to find some inspiration, but eventually I just realized I had some sorta block in my head and just gave up on it… Nothing worse than doing something in permanent marker then whoever owns the board rocks up… and you see the look on their face… and its ‘not bad, I liked the one you did for so and so better but’… so I flagged it… Anyhow this is a board I did for pretzel.



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content head

sometimes I draw pictures that look the way i feel at the time… then again…


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hot new track from SEX CRUISE

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this 10min video showcases the talent of ‘DWAYNE PAENGA’. The name may not ring a bell to the majority of reader’s, but those who do know the name know why ive made this video. Dwayne is one of the most gifted boardriders I have ever seen, 1 fin, 2 fins, 3 fins, 4 wheels, whatever. This short video named ‘the CRAFT’ shows Dwayne riding a variety of different boards during the early days of RUNAMUK VISUALS… keep your eyes on this page in the coming hours for



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When RV isnt shootin or tied to the computer a little bit of time is taken to scribble on mates boards. This is a board I did for Luke Egan in Tahiti last year… back in the 90’s Louie ran some pretty bangin’ sprays, so I asked him what happened to the signature swirl? the reply was something along the lines of… ‘fucks me?’… So I thought i’d bring it back to life and seeing we were in Tahiti I combined it with some polynesian tattoo art… enjoy


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After almost 3 weeks without James, he has been found alive, clothed and well in Hossegor, France by the ‘theTOURlife’ boys… He was found at the contest site, focused and ready to take the ‘QS by the horns… whether or not he did we’re not quite sure… you may want to click on ‘theTOURlife’ in our ‘Like Minded Fools’ section, to hear and see what some of the Aussie ‘QS campaigners have been up to…


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After 2 weeks of being listed as an RV missing person a photo of James has been emailed to us here at Runamuk Visuals… A young lady from Hossegor, France emailed us this photo just yesterday… the photo came with a short letter along the lines of

‘To RV missing persons…. we found this guy roaming the streets of our home town…invited him over for a drink as one of my friends found him quite handsome… he insisted his name was Taipan, and would not answer to anything but, we knew it not be true, no mother would ever name her son that…the night went on and as the music began to play Taipan went crazy… this is the only photo we were able to take as he would ‘hiss’ each time he saw the camera… we woke up and he was gone… we hope this can help you find him… we understand what he means to you as we all became quite attatched after only a few hours”

NUTZ NARRA_preview

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