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09/10/2008 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, FRIENDS OF RV

We have had more leads since James’s disappearance… however they have all come up empty handed… to save dwelling, RV will post the odd clip here and there to pass the time and hopefully ease the confusion of James’s whereabouts…




09/09/2008 - Posted by RV in VIDEO, FRIENDS OF RV

JAMES WOOD_days before the disappearance

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09/07/2008 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, FRIENDS OF RV

Well the plan of having loaded with clips and pics and art has been put on hold until we track down James ‘Taipan’ Wood… for now the sole purpose of is locating James… The feedback has been overwhelming but has given us no answers… at this point we still consider James an ‘RV MISSING PERSON’. A clip featuring vision of James the day before the disappearance will be live in the coming days, hopefully it may give us some insight into a practical joke we all sorely regret… We here at thankyou for your ongoing support.


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the RV resurrection begins

09/02/2008 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, WORDS

So here it is…… who would of thought that such a haggard bunch could find themselves a place on the world wide web… I’d say we’re gonna enjoy our time here… considering the smut and shit that this place is littered with, we think RV will be well accommodated, regardless of what debauchery we post.

The purpose?… we’re not too sure on… The aim of the site ?… who cares?… all we know is… as time goes by you will get too see what goes on as Runamuk Visuals steps further and further into the unknown…

You will get the odd blog from the riders… which we should let you know of…THE RIDERS…at this point RV is a scattered crew of Australia’s most unique boardriders from Wade, Dean, Joycey, Mitch, Sedz, Lee, Campbell on the Sunny coast to the Dozza’s, Leckie, Laurie, MadWilly further down the coast and back on 4 wheels with Sammy Winter and Karl Bayldon… the team extends far and wide and they’re just a few of the characters you will get to see and hear from as time goes by… We will feature ‘creative beings’, Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians and so on, some very beautiful girls and some early aRchiVe vision that will let you see where Runamuk Visuals came from… and as long as we can work it out… where we are headed.

Before we get too carried away with ‘now’ its needs to be known that ‘then’ wont be forgotten… the originals… ’98 onwards saw the likes of a team that gave Runamuk Visuals its life and soul… names that wont show up on google, names that never left the sunny coast ’cause the surfing world never new it existed until now…these guys are the reason RV ever started… you will get to see some crusty old vision of some very talented and interesting riders.

There will be pages devoted to the current film projects I will be working on as well as some older projects that may never of seen the light of day…RV might reach a point with an edit where we are not sure whether its hitting the spot, if so it will be thrown up here for you to critique… your thoughts good or bad are welcome… terrible even?… but you’ll probably get blocked…gamin’…

We will attempt to talk about the shit that goes down in an around the boarding/ music/ art world… pretty much anything that interests us, you’ll get too see or hear…

We are gonna avoid the informative and aim for the entertainment side of things… so if RV gets their mits on the raw vision from an event you will see the best and only the best bits here… no hosts with corny handjives throwing shakkas and ‘check this out, cowabunga’ … it will be the best vision with the best underground music we can find…

So all in all will be a place to let it out… if one of us gets capsicum sprayed, bashed and locked up one night out your gonna hear about it, if someone wakes up next to a bangchong your gonna hear about it, if someone nails a new trick your gonna hear about it… If theres a story to tell it will be told here…

then again, we might fuck it all up…