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E Z & J A Z

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Ezzy Ezz kickin’ it in the headstone snapback // If you dig skulls, bums & boobs checkout the work of this interesting young lady.

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no need for words

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A short film by Matisse Langbein featuring Asher Britton. Music by Hats of to Roy Harper.

Laurie Towner

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LAURIE TOWNER DOES NOT HAVE A SPONSOR. Amongst all the things that amaze me with this situation it’s proof that there is people within the Surf Industry making some very poor decisions, and no, that isn’t a stab at Billabong, I get it, crew had to go, but sitting here on the outside looking back into a familiar old window it looks to me like the surf industry is more focused on the image, the hype, the look, the trends, how a fucking t-shirt looks on a dude than what someone does with a surfboard under their feet and that is fucking sad, real sad. A mate of mine summed it up in an online rant the other day.

“Surf shops are so lame these days. Kind of explains the situation they are in. Get a hardware act and start selling shit that surfers actually need.”

Someone at one of the big brands needs to step up, tell that trendy dickbag in that long winded meeting to shut their lips and start backing surfers for how they surf. Then its up to you in the marketing departments to build campaigns etc around your surfers, not the other way around. Someone needs to invest some time into who Laurie is, what he stands for, what he loves and your brand will shine on through the hard times. Why? Because Laurie Towner is a surfer, one of the very best on the planet, and he is the most genuine, big hearted hellman I know.

Just play the fucking video and give the bloke a contract. The rest is history.

Video by Kendall O’brien



// CALL OUT //

We have a handful of fashion based projects in the works for both our label and some other brands that we are building campaigns with. We are looking for both female and male models of all ages, shapes and sizes. When we say ”models”, we essentially need some rad characters. You do not need to be catwalk thin or a chiseled poster dude. You don’t even need any experience. What we need is crew that bring the good times, that fit our brand, that know our brand and want to be a part of Runamuk Visuals as we begin to step it up. We have one upcoming shoot in particular and we are on the search for the below:

– A rad grandma/grandpa, and I mean bad ass. They can be cute as a button, but they need to be able to turn it on for the camera.
– A skater. You do not need to be able to blast out runs or be a vert animal. You will need to be able to ‘fang’, as in stylin’, high speed lines through the streets. The hook is, you need to have long hair… and be willing to shave it all off… Zero blade.
– I hate the term, but yes, we need a ‘Milf’. You dont need to be naughty, but you’re gonna have to act a bit naughty.
– A band. Metal, grunge, punk.

We also have a shoot this coming Wednesday the 2nd April on the Sunshine Coast. It’s for a new label, that first and foremost is an amazing concept, but their gear is spot on. Looking for a girl and guy ASAP.

If you think you fit or are at all interested contact us with a few words, and some examples of who you are and what you bring to the table.

NB: Dickbags, trashbags and douchebags need not apply.



To my photographer and filmmaker friends and peers. It’s time everyone stops using cigarettes in their pictures and projects. I’ve been seeing… ‘Stop making stupid people famous’… posted about the place, well the same applies here… ‘Stop making cigarettes cool’… I smoked the things for years. They do nothing for you. They are fucking vile. I watched lung cancer tear through my dad. They are filthy, addictive things and they straight up kill ya. DEATH AINT COOL. With the rain around at the moment, keep your eyes out for the people who are truly addicted, not the kids who have a smoke when they drink, I’m talking about the long term smokers, the ones who are controlled by the filth, look for them today in the pouring rain, huddled together sucking on their filth, drenched, misersable… The models you work with can still gorgeous without the cigarette. DITCH THE DURRIES!

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a few fav’s

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I’ve been colouring up Brady’s boards for a good part of 10 years. Here is a few of my favourites.

Cast Your Own Shadow with Annalisse Reed

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One thing that will always put a smile on my face is seeing young crew getting creative, but lately it’s been the girls who have really been waving the flag of the creative young guard. I recently came across the artworks of Annalisse Reed and after seeing what she does with paint I wanted to hear what she does with her thoughts.

Meet Annalisse Reed.

RV: ‘Art’ is a pretty loose term… Some of the things I’ve seen labelled ‘art’ have really made me wonder? what’s your take on it?
AR: Yeah, people try and classify just about anything as art? It’s hard to say if it is art or if it’s not. I ‘spose it doesn’t really matter, sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s just shit ha.
RV: Some old bloke down the pub says… ‘What are you staring at lovey’… What do you say?
AR: Probably forget how to talk for a bit and then on the way home think of 10 of the best comebacks ever! Ahhhh, always happens.
RV: What was the first piece of art that grabbed your attention?
AR: Reg Mombassa, Mambo art. I love it.

RV: Is there a reason you became an artist and not a hairdresser or removalist?
AR: I love drawing and I hate working for a boss.
RV: Would you be offeneded if someone hung your art on the back of their dunny door?
AR: No way! That’s a prime position for some art!
RV: What’s the most positive criticism you have received about your art?… & negative?
AR: Positive: Reg Mombassa said he liked my artworks haha (in an email)
Negative: I guess it’s not really negative, just annoying when people ask you… “What’s it meant to be?”… Most of the time I don’t even know the answer to that. It has no scientific name, it’s an imaginary creature that came out of my mind? I like drawing weird shit that’s not real, it is just whatever you want?

RV: Do you listen to music or have the TV on when you paint or draw?
AR: I dont watch much telly. Music is always good though!
RV: Any memorable music film clips?
AR: That Tool film clip ‘Vicarious’ with Alex Greys art is mind blowing!

RV: Any phobias?
AR: Maggots and leaches, Yuk!!!
RV: Heads or tails?
AR: Tails.
RV: If you were given a million dollars to start your own company what would you make and what would you call it?
AR: 3 Fish Designs, haha and I would do art and then reproduce it onto clothes, hats, surfboards, skateboards, cars, walls, anything at all.
RV: If you think of something can you draw it?
AR: I try not to think to much about the end result. I like to just start and see how it evolves, it’s so much more fun… Plus I can’t do ”realistic” that’s what cameras are for right??
RV: Whats your thoughts on Runamuk Visuals
Runamuk Visuals is a perfect little company that does all the awesome things that I would love to do and get into and your art is sick, and I wanna buy a hat.

You can check out more of Annalisse’s work here

In this day and age it’s ridiculous that straight people can still hate gay people. Even more ridiculous is that it’s straight people making gay babies…

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It eats my soul to think that we spend our best years working 5 days a week. I’d be happy to churn a few extra hours each day and only work 4. Have Monday’s off… Sort that out for us Tony and i’ll stop calling you a cunt.

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S H A N N O N x R V


Model: Shannon Walboom (@shboomm) photo: Bianca Brown (@bianca_brown) // the Stay Classy tee is available in limited numbers at the RV Store.  If you dig being underwater, cute bums and summer time you may wanna follow @bianca_brown on Instagram, she’s a tad rad.