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Mess Noise

04/24/2017 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO, FRIENDS OF RV

An old harddrive came back from the dead this week, and this shoot, ‘Mess Noise’ was recovered. Enjoy.

Cast your own shadow with Monique Mears

04/22/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW


We have been talking it up for sometime now… Models this, models that… The concept of showcasing Australia’s finest girls sounds great, making it happen is a few steps harder…

That was until we met Monique Mears…

Apart from her obvious beauty Monique is a professional… In a world full of beautiful girls ‘work ethic’ can be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest. Monique has her feet planted firmly on the ground and her happy go lucky nature makes for more than just another swimwear model…

But at the end of the day it’s her smile that will send most lads around the bend…

We introduce you to Miss Monique Mears.

RV: How have you been? How’s life been treating you?
MM: Yeah really well… Got a full time job which I love, A place to call home and great friends and family surrounding me. Couldnt be happier.

RV: Let us into the life of a model? it must be a tough road?

MM: It can be. Mine wasn’t very tough though. If you’re an international high end fashion model then yeah I think that’d probably be a hard road but I do swimwear which was pretty easy to get into. I’ve been doing it pretty full on since I turned 18 but i’ve sort of settled myself down now. As long as you make the most of every situation your put in and always be yourself with as much confidence as possible… It’s not tough at all.


RV: There’s more to it than just looks right?
MM: I’d hope so. The last comp I done was the national finals for Inside Sport on the Gold Coast last year and I won Miss Personality. I know i’ve come away from every comp or every photoshoot as someone to be remembered. I think that’s important and from that i’ve managed to get quite a few jobs/shoots because people have remembered me and passed my name on.

RV: What magazine would you love to be on the cover of?

MM: The Source. It’s a hip hop mag and i’d probably have to be a musician if I was going to be able to be on the cover of it.. But I love that mag!


RV: What’s your best and worst feature?
MM: Best feature would be my eyes… My worst?… My fingernails… Chronic Nail biter!! (dont look)

RV:  What do you think of ‘feminism’? Are you happy for a guy to open the car door for you?
MM: Yeah of course I am, but to be totally honest… I’m perfectly capable of opening the door by myself… Though open the door for my mum and i’ll love you!

RV: Leaving the toilet seat up? why is it such a big deal?
MM: Is it?? If I wanted to go to the toilet in the dark and the seat was up then i’d be a bit devo’d… I dunno… maybe the whole reason behind leaving the seat up hasn’t sunk in with me yet.

RV: What is the one thing that shits you about us guys in general?
MM: I dont think I have one. All guys are different so I can’t say… I hate it how guys have to be dominant… but then some aren’t dominant enough. I really have no idea!


RV: What are your sights set on in the modelling world? What do you want back from modelling?
MM: I want to get enough of a name for myself to start my own swimwear/lingerie brand or  design for a major company.

RV: If you were only able to listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life? what would it be?
MM: R’n’B… Its all I listen to anyway.

RV:  What’s one thing in this world that really ruffles your feathers?
MM: When I get on the train in the morning and the speaker says ”doors about to close”… You have to fully struggle to get in the carriage, no one moves to help let you in !!! Ahh.. FRUSTRATES ME SO BAD!!

RV:. The one thing that puts a smile on your face more than anything else?
MM: My Mum… without a doubt!

RV: As a model you are paid to look good, what do you do to keep fit?
MM: I just dance… That’s all.. The gym and I aren’t friends at all… Maybe ’cause I need someone to tell me what to do to get into it. But seriously… I’ve attempted going and then I just look at all the equipment and dont know where to start and then I psych myself out. I used to work out heaps at home but i just dont anymore… Thank God for my metabolism or else i’d be a HUGE HEFFA!

RV: Whenever you hear a girl asked what do they look for in a guy ‘a good sense of humour’
always comes up… why is it that some of the funniest guys I know cant find a girl to save themselves?
MM: When have you ever heard a girl say JUST THAT???… It’s usually followed by tall, dark and handsome!… There’s two ways to put it I guess. If a girl doesn’t say that then she’s shallow… But if she does say that then people just think they’re saying it cause they have to… It’s a lose, lose situation for us. But its the same for guys… If I asked you that question would ‘a good sense of humour’ come up?

RV: Ken Oath!… Magda, me, milkshakes, under the stars… wondering what if



RV: What do you look for then?
MM: A good sense of humour haha… Taller than me when i’m wearing heels. someone cuddly… I like to be able to fit my whole arms around someone. Cheeky smile. Adventurous. Patient… Who is good at what he does.

RV: Whats the best and worst tune line you’ve heard?
MM: This is the last thing that happened to me… I was at the eastern in Bondi on Wednesday and a guy came up to me and just straight out asked for my number… No intro or anything, so I said ”no”… Of course… But then I said.. “Your biggest mistake was that you didnt ask my name”. So he asked me my name and I just replied “It doesnt matter now does it?” and turned around. I don’t really get approached or find that people are on the tune with me… I dont really put myself in the position for things like that to happen.

RV: A muscle bound, fake tanned, crab stick offers to buy you a drink…whats your response?
MM: No thankyou.

RV: You get invited to the RUNAMUK VISUALS cricket test match… Are you sunbaking with the girls, smackin 6’s with
boys or spewing up from too many shandy’s?
MM: Smackin 6’s with the boys… I dont know how to play but im up for giving anything a try… I do like sunbaking with the girls too I wont deny that…




RV: Whats your thoughts on the amount of girls pashing girls you see on a night out? is it an epidemic or is it just ‘cool’
MM: I dont see that stuff happening… I’m too busy minding my own business on the dance floor but I do see pictures of that stuff… I dont think I have any friends that do that stuff… It’s what you go through in highschool. I think its childish and stupid and chics that do it crave attention way too hard. Unless your actually GENUINELY bi or lesbian… Then thats alright…

RV: What do you think is the best look for young blokes like us? RV thinks current trends are destroying our livelyhood
MM: I work for a mens clothing store and i’d agree… I’d never date a guy that wore Tight as jeans. I like just a straight cut jean with a shirt and some nice shoes. I hate RABEN shoes!! I love hoodies…



RV: A few words to describe Runamuk Visuals?
MM: Unique, a Class of its Own.

RV: ohhh, you dont mean that.

thanks Monique…



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

02/12/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, FRIENDS OF RV, PROJECTS

The pictures below come from behind the scenes of the Paradise Pin-ups shoot in Hawaii late last year.