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First Coat Block Party. Caloundra.

10/18/2016 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, ART, VIDEO
It’s been awhile since I got my hands on a project that got me psyched like this. It features a crew of ridiculously talented and humble artists and I’d be stoked if you could check it out.
In partnership with Analogue Digital Agency, Ironlak and Horizon art festival. Featured artists included Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Andrew Frazer Designs, Joel Birch, Thom Stuart, Fuzeillear & David Houghton

Movie Get Out (2017)

First Coat. Caloundra. Trailer

09/08/2016 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

First Coat 2016. Caloundra. Trailer from RUNAMUK VISUALS on Vimeo.

Cast Your Own Shadow: Lee Brennan


I’ve been dwelling on a project, and it feels like the time is right… CAST YOUR OWN SHADOW is a simple yet aesthetic based project that will tell the stories of creative crew. The ones that teachers said would amount to nothing… “You don’t think drawing pictures will become a career now do you Johnny?!”… It’s about the people who stepped aside from the pack, and as the title suggests; Cast their own shadow.
Lee Brennan will launch the project. Here is a glimpse at what Lee does, and who he is // check his work and collabs with @valleyeyewear // @leebrennandesign.

We are looking for sponsorship for this project. Email if it interests you or your business.



06/23/2015 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO, PROJECTS

I love live music and I love this joint. To see a handful of crew bring together some of Australia’s finest musicians and rowdiest human’s for the Big Pineapple festival was unreal. It was good to create a project just for the love of it again.

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Inside. the Australian Pro Junior series 2007

03/25/2015 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

A look back at Australian Junior surfing in 2007. I directed and produced this during my time at Billabong and it was some of the best times of my life, with some of the best humans I know. A concept in Australian surfing that is missing in 2015.

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02/10/2015 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, PROJECTS


A night with Sahara Ray & Mara Teigen.

12/31/2014 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO, FRIENDS OF RV


We recently visited Venice Beach, California. In amongst the chaos of the project we were producing we took some time out to shot some candid pictures with Sahara and Mara for the Sahara Ray Swim range, this is the result. Good times, good people.

def tapes

03/08/2014 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

caffiends part 2

10/09/2013 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

There’s always been some grey area around what Runamuk Visuals is, and when I get asked I struggle to put it in words, but I’d like to think Runamuk Visuals just makes cool shit…

Surf film is where it all began, since then we have chipped away and found ourselves building a little brand. There’s our clothing range, we dabble in design, we have worked with brands and companies to help build creative concepts and bring them to life, there’s this blog, which is probably best known for the no need for words series, but all that aside, Media Production and Art are the heart and soul of what RV is all about and this short sums up what we do best.

The Bean Drop / Droplet coffee joint number 3 opens this coming Monday the 14th October. Word on the street is there will be free coffee all day, and I assure you these guys make a smooth brew.  It’s a sneaky little spot, hidden away at the top end of Duke Street (around the corner) at Sunshine Beach.

Big thanks to our resident apprentices Luka Raubenheimer and Nick Jones for shooting the process.

Shot on Red Scarlet and timelapsed on the Sony EX1.

For all enquiries contact Jake / e:

*geez Australian Export cans are horrible.



It is easy to doubt the world we live in. But there is still good in the world you just have to step aside from the pack and take a look for yourself.

What Pam and Alan Skuse have created is something I had never witnessed until going to Mision Mexico. Their Story is exceptional. They packed up their life and said goodbye to their family in Australia, they set out to build a family for kids that didnt have one. That was 10 years ago. They are now Mum and Dad to 52 of the happiest little souls you will ever meet.

In saying this we hope you do meet these kids one day.

You can donate to the kids of Mission Mexico through our Paypal account, there is a button that sits just to the right of the video player. If you have the means to supply the refuge with anything from new clothes and stationary to surfboards you can make contact here.

As mentioned in Chapter 2 it was the film ‘Somewhere Near Tapachula’ that inspired our trip to Mexico. The films’ creators Stefan Hunt and Jonno Durrant made this amazing film with a very tight budget and it is commendable that every cent they make from the film will go directly to Mision Mexico. To purchase the film you can do so here

CD ch1: deleted scene


Detatching yourself from the edit is often needed when piecing a project together. It sucks to have to delete sections in any project but Chapter one was almost 25 minutes in length. Something had to go.

Sterling played a bigger role in the original edit, he’s just that sort of character, he doesnt follow the camera the camera follows him. When it came down to it, the section above was the only place we could find some extra minutes so we had to delete it.

Sterling has to be one of the best people you could have on a trip, there’s a joke in every moment. At the trips end he was still gettin’ laughs.


Music by: Kleenbeats


04/15/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, PHOTOGRAPHY

Heathy, Mentawaii’s, 2007… Photo by Kendall

a photo for today

04/14/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, PHOTOGRAPHY

Wade, Chopes… Photo by Lock Munday

out of the archives

04/12/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

A pile of work sits next to me, a pile that is bigger than those before it, a pile that is the biggest project of my life.

The point is, this place, a place that we try to keep flowing daily has been loaded with whatever I can find, finding time is the first hurdle, finding content of any entertainment is the next… The site has been crammed with poached stuff from the net for days, so for now I look back through the archives and for the second maybe third time we offer a section from ‘Inside’ A video from the Australasian junior series from a few years back… Enjoy… The days of old will return and not in the form of re-runs.

no need for words

04/11/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, NO NEED FOR WORDS