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a piece of my story

12/10/2017 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

I love a good story. In amongst my time I’ve found myself in a few pretty wild situations. So, when the good folk at Common Collective. asked me to come and talk to a small sea of Sunny Coast faces about how Runamuk Visuals came to be, I was a little rattled… So I just went with the… ‘ 1 in 50,000 people survive what I went through story’… I prefer the other side of the camera so I just winged it.
Big thanks to Joel Harris , a young guy doing his damnedest to bring the creative life out on the coast. Keep an eye on what they have going on, it was a classic night and they had free mangoes too.
The story at the start if it doesn’t make sense was about Steve Irwin.

out of the aRchiVes

03/01/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO

A few years back I used to spend countless hours standing on the beach, just myself and my trusty VX… You can have all the tricks in the book and the best soundtrack in the world but without the time spent on the beach you got nothing… On top of that you need coin to get your film playin in the loungerooms of the world… Which is where we stumbled… RV never managed to get our vids to the masses, must of knocked on the wrong doors… Thesedays there is covermount DVD’s on every second mag, so the times have changed a little… Anyhow the point is, I have a pile of old footage just sitting here waiting for the mould to set in… Some of it may not have been seen… Then again who knows?


12/10/2008 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, VIDEO, FRIENDS OF RV