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02/08/2017 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, ART

I’ve been painting Monkdog’s boards for a few years now, this is the 3rd of the ‘Hell Raiser’ series. It’s probably the most time I have spent painting a board since I was a kid.

Skull up

04/01/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, ART

This is my first ever paid piece…

Getting paid changes everything… So I stuck to what I know

… Skulls and storm clouds…





I dig skulls but I think its time to move on…


03/08/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, ART

A good mate of mine dropped off the nicest lookin’ fish at my place last weekend… I dig a board with a nice piece of art on it as much as I like a nice plain white shooter… Fishes are different… They should all be fucked out with paint, marker, crayon whatever you got… Just scribble all over the biter… I finally got around to drawing it up this arvo… I kinda have to work my way up to it, drawing for 3- 4 hours is a fucker but the worry of doing something rank on your mates new craft is the bit that eats at me… Usually i’ll pace the house lookin at the thing for hours, maybe scour the web for some inspiration but today I just grabbed a marker and went for it, its nothin’ new, skulls and eyes are something ive drawn for years, so it was a reasonably safe bet… Not sure if I like it yet, its hard to like your own stuff… Took me a lot longer than usual, because of all the colour fill…

So Jamesy, dont go snappin this thing ya first surf.






plenty less fish in the ocean…

02/25/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, ART

Been trying to draw more… I’ve seen some simple pattern art lately that I thought was neat… Sunday arvo I tried my version of it… It was looking kinda good… Then I drew dumb arse faces, then thought nah, they could be fishlike, then I just kept on keeping on and fucked it… Bummer



I didnt take any photos of the board finished, but the inside of my house went orange while I was drawing so I took a picture of the sunset outside…


strange day

RVART- donniedarko

12/08/2008 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, ART

Lee Wilson has been doing some fine board pieces during his time in Hawaii. The photos below are of a board RV done for Lee.

This is RV’s donnie darko effort