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100 things

06/02/2009 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, FRIENDS OF RV


Heres a bloke having a good time for a good reason…

Sebastian Terry had a concept… Who hasn’t?… But Seb did more than just think of it, he has decided to live it and in the process raise money for the kids of Camp Quality… Its people like this that keep the world from falling of its axis…

”Everyone has at least one thing they have to do before they die. Some even have a list. But how many goals and dreams on this list are actually achieved?

At the ripe-old age of 26, Sebastian realises that like most people, he has not achieved anything on his long-forgotten list.

A loss of a close friend combined with a naturally abstract view on life sparks a moment of clarity. In the midst of overseas trip, Sebastian decides to put pen to paper and re-create a list of 100 Things. His goal, to tick off everything.

Its the start of a crazy, no holds barred adventure that sees Sebastian travel to the ends of the earth on a quest to live his dreams and achieve his ultimate goal, self fulfillment.

Along the way, Sebastian strives to raise $10,000 for Camp Quality, a great organisation creating happiness for children and families effected by Cancer (click here for more info).

On behalf of every red-blooded person scared of aging, and afraid to follow their dreams, Sebastian boldly avoids reality and attempts to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of not just himself, but people everywhere.

From marrying a stranger in Las Vegas, to performing stand-up comedy in a renowned comedy club, “100 Things” takes you on an epic adventure around the world as Sebastian makes sure he hits his thirties with no regrets. is a humorous, action packed adventure dedicated to anyone who’s ever worried about their age, or dreamt about living every day like it was their last.”

Ive mentioned it before but I lost my dad to lung cancer just over a year ago… I know first hand the pain cancer can inflict on the victim and their family and friends… 100 Things supports sick kids, which is another level altogether… get onboard, donate some of your time and money to something that will put a smile on some not so lucky kids’ face… They will be smiling for your support and smiling when they see Sebastian skydive nude.
support a good bloke and a great cause… 100 THINGS