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A note from the editors – Vaughan Blakey

02/18/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, FRIENDS OF RV, WORDS

We approached editors from 8 of Australia’s and America’s finest surf publications.

The goal, to get honest thoughts on the current state of the Surf Industry… Transworld Surf’s Chris Cote, Surfing World’s Vaughan Blakey, Surfing’s Travis Ferre, ASL’s Chris Binns, STAB’s Derek Reilly, Surfer’s Joel Patterson, Waves’ Ryan ‘Nugget’ Glen and Tracks’ Luke Kennedy. were sent 21 questions in an email titled ‘A note from the Editors’.

Derek declined, Joel Patterson never replied… But beggars cant be choosers and matched up against our usual strike rate, 6 out of 8 is unreal…

The first cab of the rank is Vaughan Blakey, a guy who is responsible for some of the best surf journalism I have ever read, some of the rattiest tunes ever played and the originator/ star and co-director of the best covermount DVD ever made…

The words and thoughts of the remaining 5 editors will flow out here from next monday (AEST) to Friday…

What is wrong/right with the surf industry?

Vaughan: Wow, broad Question. I guess it’s easy to sit back and say this is good and this is bad when it comes to the surf industry but whether you’re a company making boardies or a punter buying a block of wax you contribute to it so it comes down to personal choices and taking responsibility for the role you play in what it is. Certainly there are ethical and environmental issues within all sectors of the industry that should be looked at more closely but there is also a lot of amazing charity and goodwill from people and companies that goes largely unrecognised. It’s been my experience that most of the people within the surf industry are passionate and genuine and they simply want to base their lives around doing something they love.

The best story you ever wrote was?

Vaughan: Probably a story I wrote about my dad electrocuting his nuts for Monster Children. Didn’t have anything to do with surfing but seemed to go down well with most crew who read it. Surf story? If you’re only as good as your last effort then that’d be the intro to the latest SW and the Dan Ross interview within.

Your favourite story written by one of these 8 editors?

Vaughan: My favourite surf story ever is actually a little thing on Chad Edser written by Andrew Kidman about 18 years ago. He and Jon Frank went up to Newcastle to profile him but when they got there they couldn’t find him so they went surfing. While they were out in the water they saw Edser walk out to the jump off rock but instead of paddling out he just stood there. They surfed for another 20 minutes, came in, got dry and the entire time Edser just stood like a statue looking out to sea. It finished with a sentence along the lines of… “In the end we didn’t find out much about Chad Edser other than he likes to stand on rocks – and he likes to stand on them for a very long time.” Of the guys mentioned there have been stories by all of them that I’ve enjoyed. I like Joel’s sincerity and Décor’s ability to make me laugh in three words.

Best surf writer of the decade?

Vaughan: Derek Hynd. Always left with a sense of awe by the end of his stories for both subject matter and writer.

Best advertisement of the decade?

Vaughan: The new Electric ad with Rasta and a girl running nude through the long grass is pretty wild.

Best surfer to interview?

Vaughan: It’s true some guys are more open than others but I don’t think anybody is particularly better than anyone else. If the questions are good and the conversation interesting then even the most notorious media hater will open up. The question should probably be put to the surfers… who’s the best surf writer/journo to get interviewed by?

What’s the one question you wish you never asked?

Vaughan: You’re CJ right?

Captain Goodvibes, Wilbur Kookmeyer or Gonadman?

Vaughan: Frank the Gorilla, Gonad’s mentor.

What happened to humour in surfing?

Vaughan: He’s moved to America and he has his own website called fishtv.

Who would win a heat out of the 7 of you?

Vaughan: Depends on the discipline…
Daggering (google it): Cote
Perfectly manicured three-day growth-ing: Dec
Drinking: Bins
Crust eating: Kennedy
Hugging it out-ing: Joelo
Gold Coasting: Nugs
Shanty-ing: Yours truly

Best online clip of the decade?

Vaughan: (surf/ non branded) Stavros Flatley

If you owned a brand, who would be the first rider you would want to sign?… and why?… tagline?

Vaughan: Show me Robert Pattinson endorsing Twilight Vampire zinc cream and I’ll show you a company owner who’s retired on his own tropical island by the end of the month.

Your thoughts on…
– the WCT? – Love it. Gives us champions and drama. There’s room in surfing for that. Bring on 2010 already.
– the freesurfing option? – It’s what we all do.
– Skate and Snowboarding Influences? Good window into the future for sure.
– the involvement of companies like Nike, Target and Gatorade in Surfing? Inevitable.

choose one

Ozzie/ Andy/ Margo/ Joel/ Dane/ Julian/ Jordy/ Craig Anderson/ Occy/ Curren/ Kelly/ Mick/ MP

Vaughan: All of the above plus, Westerly Windina and Bunker Spreckles.

– Searching for Tom Curren/ Focus/ the Moment/ Slater Black’n’white/ Pump or Modern Collective?

Vaughan: Doped Youth

The 60’s/ 70’s/ 80’s/ 90’s/ 00’s or Now

Vaughan: 60’s for crowds in the water, 70s for fashion, 80’s for thermo nuclear protection, 90’s for KS, 00’s for 5’8”s and now for something a little different.

If you were to sent into witness protection, where would you live and what would be your alias and career?

Vaughan: I’d like to go live in an Amish village and be a silo cleaner. Beards without mo’s are totally under rated.

Cheers Vaughan, couldn’t of launched the new site any other way