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LA lunar Syndrome – RAP FOR SHOES

08/05/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, LA LUNAR SYNDROME

Click here for Mooney and Dion’s Rap gold – Stay Away (click through)

I recently stumbled across an old rap song Dion Agius and myself made four years ago. We were on a boat in PNG and Dion was playing around with garage band. The rest is history, a shitty rap song. I got thinking and I want to hear your songs. It can be anything from a shitty rap song from garage band (like ours) to just you having a moment with your guitar. They have to be about shoes. If your not musically inclined I want to hear your shoe stories. Maybe the strangest place you’ve found yourself without them or somewhere you’ve left them that might have led to some strange events… I dunno you tell me. I’ll swing the winner a pair of Jake Duncombe’s pro model shoe ‘The Bender’. I’ll even throw a globe t-shirt to the runner up.

email your entries to I’ll close the entries on the 6th of september… So one month people… good luck.

Here’s what globe have to say about The Bender.

The Bender
” Life’s a Bender and so is my shoe”
The Bender, Jake Duncombe’s first pro model shoe, was inspired by Jake’s nautical flare. He and the Globe design team set out to create a skateable boat shoe that was lightweight, and had mad grip, with a lightly padded tongue and ankle collar.

The Bender is a vulcanized, mid-top deck shoe equally at home on a board, in the bar, or manning the helm. It has distressed details, and a mix of canvas, suede and leather with a hand-stitched moccasin toe and is held together with Ballistic Grade Thread. Keeping with the boat vibe, there are leather laces and the lace through the heel to finish it off.

The footbed art consists of a nautical “ Terra Australis” map for extra flare points.

Get your Bender on!