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LLS- Taiwan

07/04/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES, LA LUNAR SYNDROME
I was blown away by the surfing prospects in Taiwan. It had everything… Points, beachies, reef’s and bombies. We went there for a typhoon, which I think is a must if you want to surf anything over three feet. For five days there was ten feet of swell. We stuck to the sheltered areas with better winds which on some days the waves were still quite solid. The power of the swell here stumped me that it was stronger than most south swells we get on the east coast. Apart from the surfing here the people were awesome the food was as cheap as bali.
Taiwan did remind me somewhat of what I imagine bali would have been like thirty years ago. Perfect waves, minimal crowds and untouched landscapes. When I imagined Taiwan I thought of huge congested cities and millions of people living right on top of each other. What I found outside the cities which was most of the country is that it had a quiet country feel. A place with a lot of soul.
If you want to visit Taiwan and I strongly suggest you do for your next surf trip get online and check out Fu Dog ( Talk to Sammy.