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RYZE UP… A day of days

02/14/2010 - Posted by RV in ARCHIVES

What a day it was…

All smiles, All day, All time… It was by far the best day this town has ever seen. I dont care how biased that sounds, its the deadset truth… Over 50 business’s from Rhythm, Volcom, Billabong & ASL through to local crew like Frangipani Dreams, Pure Health, Shotgun Surfboards, Tattoo Junction, Marble Bar, Bistro C, Music @ Noosa, Bandprint, Mode Screenprinting, Noosa Surfworld, Parque Mexican, Franks Gym, Zinc FM, Douglas Signs, Coastal Collectables, CSP hire and a pile more threw down massive prizes for a great cause… The last I heard the event had raised almost $13,000 and the Signed boards and Artwork by Joel, Mick and Ozzie is still to come during the festival of surfing next month.

I dont need too many more words ’cause the photos tell the story… The video will be live when I get the time to sort through the stupidity of it all… ‘Til next year, Enjoy.

Hooper Swooped Kim straight out of Condor’s nest.

Elle celebrated her b’day and the absense of Brades with everyone… Where were ya Brades ya Bazza? haha

Col was throwin out Million dollar smiles all day

Hooper tried to swoon my mum all day… Hahahah… Short, dark and handsome aint enough mate…

Turtle arrived from the Goldy with all of the RYZE UP shirts… Legendary

Saucy ladies… Krystelle & Bianca

Lil Joely Watson rocked out


Sterny looked a treat

Eggy ruled

The late arvo northerly blew in Cobber the bluebottle… hahaha…

Turner and Dwayno were amused by it all

Condor TV blazed a few questions

The Glanfields entertained

Daz and Izzy agreed with us all… It was a corker of a day

Damo wont be running for mayor

Some mothers do have ’em

Brent and Lui’chin salute

Conno loves a photo

a few models from Target’s summer catalogue attended

MC BBQ was out of his skin

Deadly Tide were… Deadly

Hayley Bee and Ben Duck talked about cheerleading

True Beauty

more lovely ladies

Sterny and Kalen posed for the ‘Street Machine’ calendar

Dwayno said it best

Jocko is the finest clown I know

The people were entertained

Brent, Swann and Sam threw it out there

MCBBQ transformed into MC TRAMPOLINE later that night… You missed it